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The Man Named Kolton Hackett

at first i thought the title was poorly chosen, though only till the end did the title makes sense, though a poem like this could be about anyone (from anyones prespective as well.) so i see the idea of it and liked it. was not arrogant or anything just professed love.


thank you for the wonderful comment, i didn't know if anyone else would really get it. or would they just think it is paranoia. and i did not want it to come across as such. taking a look at your self from the inside, and or out. can be great. and i do think i do it too often. doing that, can help you find out who you are, although in cases like this, if you don't know who you are, dose looking inside yourself too much, define you too much then just leting it flow?

heh, i've got alot of pent up things i need to talk about it seems. and your comment sparked an interesting thought in my head, domou arigatou.


Very imagintive for a poem, tells the story great, and easily to follow, i liked the part of Clive being bit, and you with out you medical kit, alot.


i have little time to comment heh, but thank you for reading. and yes i agree, thats why i wrote the poem. i don't agree with it, it's more scarcasm. i suppose.