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The latest comments that kyew has written.

Appalachian Spring (haiku suite)

you've got a nice handle on the spirit of haiku. I just moved a little further east from sevierville. right across the mountains other side of cherokee. spring time is almost here and you've rung it in beautifully.

Enigmatical preposterous statements

thought-provoking and deeply philosophical. introspective too? self-examination is a skill every mind should possess.

The Gardener and The Lady

a beautiful piece you have here. inspiring

fight weeds
for treasure

The Moon and I

this has a nice rhythm to it. I almost expected to find a rhyme within. seemed almost a strict 'form' of freeverse. that couldn't have been easy, at least, it wouldn't have been for me. I tend to spray words belligerently (but deliberately) in freeverse.

Haiku for pampas grass

very nice. has depth and a bit of mystery for the reader. a very strong 'zen moment' in there too.

Full moon and a girl

ah, this gives me a distinctly wiccan feeling.

'cast through the ring of fire thy frozen mind' - is this a saying perchance? having the repetiton in your poem, I'm thinking it is.

nicely picturesque. it bodes well for my reading pleasure in the future.