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The latest comments that Coo & Co has written.

Grab Your Bag

All at Coo & Co board the train together. This is a very well put together piece, Larry, in terms of its rhymes, rhythms, and imagery :>)

From the Ashen Flatlands

Yes, we agree with our fellow poets. This is excellent, Bibek, in its scene setting, portraiture, and sense of spiritual questing :>)

My First Few Words

Ooh yes, Woolworth's. Members of Coo & Co wonder whether this bears any relation to the UK store, which our FT well recalls. This is a lot of fun, Tommo. We always like to see the word 'mammoth' in poetry, especially so close to 'Wool' :>)

This Country, This Republic

We agree with Larry, Bibek: this is sharp and bitter! And that's why we like it. It's like strong coffee, a wake-up call.

The character drifting from flat to flat is particularly intriguing, especially for contrasts we imagine between his or her life and the stories presented on Facebook. These differences sharpen the poem too :>)


Here's an engaging wordplay, Joe. Members of Coo & Co particularly like the fourth stanza, with its contemplation of neither left nor right leaning :>)

I Walk on Eggshells

Yes, all at Coo & Co agree with Joe. This is fine writing, Larry. We like the concise catalogue of errors, followed by the shock of love described :>)

When Will We See Spring Again?

This is very enjoyable, Tommo. All at Coo & Co know the tune, and we feel these lyrics are an excellent fit with the slightly melancholy melody. (Pause, while all sing sweetly together.)

We empathise with the singer's longing for the spring season, as it's very chilly here at present. Our favourite part is 'the bees start to bumble' :>)


All at Coo & Co agree, Bibek: this is excellent, powerful, and grim. And the N's descriptions of winter combined with the feelings in the final stanza are very effective, we note :>)

For J

This is a very interesting piece, Larry. All at Coo & Co enjoyed the musings, and particularly the comparison involving the pair of poles of a magnet :>)

Home and Away

Yes, all at Coo & Co agree with Joe. This is indeed a pleasant jaunt, otp, full of nice little details such as the ginger candy, Colin's red bandana, and of course the sparrow's nest :>)


Gravitas is an interesting concept; your poem explores it in a way we find very engaging, Larry. We particularly like the the small girl at the end, and we suspect some form of gravitas resides in continuing efforts to make sense of things :>)

Beth Dawnsio's

Members of Coo & Co very much enjoyed reading this poem. Due to its vocabulary and setting, it has a lot of local flavour; it also contains some excellent imagery, characterisation, and humour :>)

Quilts and Guilt

Yes, we agree with otp and Bibek. The imagery is powerful, Kathy, and we like the rhymes too :>)

A Newfound Vocation

Members of Coo & Co nod enthusiastically together. This is well composed, Bibek, and we wish the N every success in this vocation :>)

On Being Ordinary

A sad piece, Larry. But Kathy is right, of course. Yay! :>)

'The Gilder'

Members of Coo & Co confess that we still haven't found time to read Melville! Nevertheless, we enjoyed reading this. We particularly like the 'most mystic mood' :>)

Stuck in Dallas

This is excellent, Larry. We really like your close observations and the contrasts set up between the herd of humans and yourself. 'We see you,' chirps Coo 8>) (beady eyed)

79th Letter

All at Coo & Co admire this elegant letter. 'Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard...' :>o

Besotted Nightingale

Members of Coo & Co thought of Keats too. And we also mused upon Oscar Wilde's short story, 'The Nightingale and the Rose'. That does not end well, to our minds. But your poem is pleasant to read, Larry. We like very much the notion of migration in this context :>)

Welcome 2019

This is very well observed, Larry. Members of Coo & Co are particularly keen on 'nitwit'! We wish you All Good Things for 2019 :>)

New Year’s Message

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo, / Happy New Year to you! / from dear Coo and freaky FT! :>o

And we very much enjoyed reading this deftly rhyming poem :>)

Ode to the coming of Spring

All at Coo & Co thank members of PoetBay for reading and commenting on the poems in this recently completed series, now a new PoetBay book titled 'Woodland Scenes II: Winter Solstice' :>)

All Good Things,
Coo, of Coo & Co :>)

After You Left Me

Ooh yes, the power of birds. At Coo & Co, we know this well. We enjoyed reading this sonnet, particularly for the narrator's ascent and the sound of the temple gongs. Well done, Bibek :>)


The same to you, ken; and our All Good Things :>)

an angel

Apologies; 'Bibek', capital 'B' :>)

an angel

We agree with both bibek and Joe, otp :>)

Pillow talk

All at Coo & Co enjoyed reading this descriptive piece. We particularly like 'toothless tiger', the settling fog, and the lament to Morpheus; also the 'sultry coo', of course. The heaviness in the third verse is also well drawn :>)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019 to all my friends and the team of Poetbay.com by Ann Wood

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo, / Season's Greetings to you! / from dear Coo and freaky FT! :>)

i am you are

This too is interesting to read. At Coo & Co we are very much in favour of 'judge less' and 'love more'. We appreciate the prose character study, which resonates for various reasons :>)

A Little about Colin's Grandfather

All at Coo & Co enjoyed reading this portrait of Colin's grandfather; and also of otp et al. It's interesting to reflect upon the ways people change over time :>)

At the mill

PS: We apologise for the small size of the text. Coo recommends that readers zoom in for a more comfortable reading experience 8>)


Members of Coo & Co nod together. Yes, it's a very difficult time of year, Ken, with a lot of financial pressures on top of the usual burdens throughout the year. This is a good solid write. We must admit, we're not familiar with the work you mention. Coo steers FT in the direction of Wikipedia, as usual ;>)


All at Coo & Co enjoyed reading this. We like the notion of 'grayscale' as explored in the first two stanzas and its development in the prose section. Coo is FT's sunny sky, of course :>)

Dragonflies and Daffodils

All at Coo & Co feel a lot of sadness in this.

We wonder whether the narrator might consider taking in a potted plant next time. (Apologies for 'the narrator' if the expression seems formal.)


Ooh... Coo & Co are imagining the music of this voice. The poem is very intriguing. We would like to know more!

Incidentally, our FT once encountered a doctor with a violin-voice, which was rather strident and not too pleasing for the ear :>/

on my way to work i walk through

All at Coo & Co enjoyed this poetry-and-prose piece. We hadn't heard of Sayaka Murata, so we looked through her entry on Wikipedia.

'Murata's writing explores the different consequences of noncomformity in society for men and women, particularly with regard to gender roles, parenthood, and sex,' reads Coo.

Woo-hoo! We were right about the pronunciation of 'Marketa'. Coo does a little dance :>)

God Why?

We are sending LOVE to you and to your wife <3

A Trauma We Forget

Members of Coo & Co agree with Larry. And we've already told you about our FT's birth, of course. Coo materialised in a transparent plastic bag within a brown parcel. Woo-hoo! :>o

I Take My Readers on a Ride

All at Coo & Co enjoyed the ride, otp. We like the interesting details, inspiring us to imagine all sorts of things :>o

The 'blood and manure and straw and soap' leads us to a birth, for example (although our FT has only ever assisted with guinea-births, so we may be very wrong here) :>)

station break

All at Coo & Co very much enjoyed this piece, otp. Of course our mossops were super-pleased to see the word 'merry'. We like the detail of the sand castles and the final italicisation :>)

cold to the bone

All at Coo & Co felt the cold in this, otp. That is partly because our FT grew up in a cold house too. We like the sunny quadrangle and the action of following the light. 'Yay!' (mossops concur) :>)


Yes, we agree with Tom. This is very well presented; applause! :>)

In Deciding

We like this poem, with its yolk joke and little slant rhyme. Coo offers a sugar egg from the in-house cornucopia, just as a treat for thee :>)

Sick Perspective

All at Coo & Co nod together. Here is a concise piece, with powerful imagery :>)

Bad Day

Puff... puff... puff... puff... HUG! :>)

we are star children

These are interesting thoughts, otp. We relate to them, and we agree that it is better to count one's lucky stars. Yesterday we adopted an orangutan :>)


This poem conveys a lot of frustration, with contrasts that are well drawn. The merry mossops recommend committing to a date night now and then. 'Yay!' :>)

I Cannot Find You

Yes, this is very poignant, Ashe. Members of Coo & Co like the rhymes and we can easily hear the verses sung, in the manner of a ballade, perhaps. A well-written piece :>)


This is poignant and beautifully written, LFD3. There's a strong sense of melancholy in the leaves 'falling hard', the passing of time, and the sun setting. All at Coo & Co quietly applaud :>)

in reality

All at Coo & Co agree with Bibek. This is very well crafted; well done, otp :>)