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The Value of Peaceful Protest

This is excellent, Larry. We like the personification of Power, complete with gleaming walnut table and candy bowls and rather blasé attitude until Momentum turns up! In the UK, we have a left-wing organisation called Momentum. We like the threat of Force in the final lines too :>)

At the mill

PS: We apologise for the small size of the text. Coo recommends that readers zoom in for a more comfortable reading experience 8>)

She's Far Away, and I'm Not All Here

This is poignant and well executed, Larry. We particularly like the notion of drawer contents, especially alongside items such as 'sea shells' and 'Mexican coins'. The shortening of lines towards the end is effective too :>)


Members of Coo & Co nod together. Yes, it's a very difficult time of year, Ken, with a lot of financial pressures on top of the usual burdens throughout the year. This is a good solid write. We must admit, we're not familiar with the work you mention. Coo steers FT in the direction of Wikipedia, as usual ;>)


All at Coo & Co enjoyed reading this. We like the notion of 'grayscale' as explored in the first two stanzas and its development in the prose section. Coo is FT's sunny sky, of course :>)

Dragonflies and Daffodils

All at Coo & Co feel a lot of sadness in this.

We wonder whether the narrator might consider taking in a potted plant next time. (Apologies for 'the narrator' if the expression seems formal.)


Ooh... Coo & Co are imagining the music of this voice. The poem is very intriguing. We would like to know more!

Incidentally, our FT once encountered a doctor with a violin-voice, which was rather strident and not too pleasing for the ear :>/

Gerard Manley Hopkins

All at Coo & Co also like 'floating / In a jar'. Sylvia Plath comes to mind, but perhaps inappropriately. Coo explains that FT is often inappropriate. Thank you, Coo.

As to GMH, FT recalls an A-level Eng. Lit. class in which the teacher presented a poem as a reading challenge. Mr Beal was confident that there would be a lot of stumbling when pupils attempted to read the poem out loud. FT remembers 'My God!' twice, which might fit with thy 'church-bell words'.

Anyway, this is just rambling. At Coo & Co we know very little about the history of poetry. We do like your poem, though :>)

on my way to work i walk through

All at Coo & Co enjoyed this poetry-and-prose piece. We hadn't heard of Sayaka Murata, so we looked through her entry on Wikipedia.

'Murata's writing explores the different consequences of noncomformity in society for men and women, particularly with regard to gender roles, parenthood, and sex,' reads Coo.

Woo-hoo! We were right about the pronunciation of 'Marketa'. Coo does a little dance :>)

God Why?

We are sending LOVE to you and to your wife <3


Members of Coo & Co find plenty to like in this piece. We admire the L5 simile, for example, and the L9 alliteration. We also enjoyed our misinterpretation of 'present', which caused us to muse on gray and grim gifts. Our FT suggests a packet of old underwear. Honestly, FT :>/

A Trauma We Forget

Members of Coo & Co agree with Larry. And we've already told you about our FT's birth, of course. Coo materialised in a transparent plastic bag within a brown parcel. Woo-hoo! :>o

I Take My Readers on a Ride

All at Coo & Co enjoyed the ride, otp. We like the interesting details, inspiring us to imagine all sorts of things :>o

The 'blood and manure and straw and soap' leads us to a birth, for example (although our FT has only ever assisted with guinea-births, so we may be very wrong here) :>)


Comparing depression with poison is spot-on, Larry. We think 'sturdy gates' works well too, likewise 'mind's mind's made up'. It is all very effective :>)

station break

All at Coo & Co very much enjoyed this piece, otp. Of course our mossops were super-pleased to see the word 'merry'. We like the detail of the sand castles and the final italicisation :>)

cold to the bone

All at Coo & Co felt the cold in this, otp. That is partly because our FT grew up in a cold house too. We like the sunny quadrangle and the action of following the light. 'Yay!' (mossops concur) :>)


Yes, we agree with Tom. This is very well presented; applause! :>)

Prospect Street

Here's an excellent description, Larry, with the added bonus of sound (clip-clop and sirens). We like the fierce face and the milk mission. Buildings as trophies works well too :>)

In Deciding

We like this poem, with its yolk joke and little slant rhyme. Coo offers a sugar egg from the in-house cornucopia, just as a treat for thee :>)

Sick Perspective

All at Coo & Co nod together. Here is a concise piece, with powerful imagery :>)

Bad Day

Puff... puff... puff... puff... HUG! :>)

we are star children

These are interesting thoughts, otp. We relate to them, and we agree that it is better to count one's lucky stars. Yesterday we adopted an orangutan :>)

From the Basement

This is very well described, Larry. Naturally members of Coo & Co like the cooing, and also the cool cloth. But we're also drawn to the demons and the dungeon and the drone. 'Bludgeoned' is particularly strong :>)

Plane Crash

Well written, Larry. Concise and grim.


This poem conveys a lot of frustration, with contrasts that are well drawn. The merry mossops recommend committing to a date night now and then. 'Yay!' :>)

I Cannot Find You

Yes, this is very poignant, Ashe. Members of Coo & Co like the rhymes and we can easily hear the verses sung, in the manner of a ballade, perhaps. A well-written piece :>)


This is poignant and beautifully written, LFD3. There's a strong sense of melancholy in the leaves 'falling hard', the passing of time, and the sun setting. All at Coo & Co quietly applaud :>)

in reality

All at Coo & Co agree with Bibek. This is very well crafted; well done, otp :>)

At the Daymark; or, When Coo & Co met the Jumblies :>)

Woo-hoo! Thank-coo! :>o

Thousand thanks from Coo & Co for comments and applauds. We meant to provide a link to Edward Lear's wonderful poem; here it is, animated, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_7jHCEMxZY :>)

Eighth Elegy

Members of Coo & Co very much enjoyed this piece, Thomas :>)

We like the free flow throughout the stanzas, and we are moved by the content. The interjections of speech within the narrative are very effective too. We applaud :>)

Especially When

All at Coo & Co very much enjoyed this haiku, Thomas :>)

We appreciate the beauty of nature you showcase here, and we particularly like the internal rhyme in the second line. Coo notes that 'brushed' is pleasingly onomatopoeia-ic (or something). We love 'fire' in connection with the movement of the leaves. And all at Coo & Co didst applaud together. Woo-hoo! :>o

I Need Some Air

Brilliantly descriptive, Larry, with really strong contrasts between past and present. We particularly like the lines about your school years. The ending saddens us, but FT makes mushroom soup and all is well :>)

Those Absent

This is ace, Friend D. It reminds us of a scene in The X-Files where a genie grants Mulder's wish for peace on Earth by causing everyone to vanish. Your poem is much more intriguing, though, as people long gone make an unexpected appearance. We like the whistling too :>o :>)

evening and morning thoughts

All at Coo & Co agree with Ashe. There's a lot of depth to this piece; at times we felt we were watching a play, as the scenes changed and with them various characters. We also felt a lot of despair, but a glimmer of hope with the shift at the end :>)

Up the côte

All at Coo & Co heartily thank otp for the comment. The mossops have decreed that it be summer throughout our trip; we are not sure why, but we are not minded to question them :>)

Of all the poetry.

Hi John,

A beautiful poem :-)

I've just sent you a private message here; I'm notifying you by email too as I'm not sure whether you log in anymore.

A Rainy Day

Woo-hoo! Larry's loon! :>o

All at Coo & Co very much appreciate the description of this dear bird. Once we were lucky enough to spot a common loon in our local park :>)


The party appears confused. This poem is composed in the key of Coo, otp; Ep. (Epicurus) left PoetBay about three years ago. We are still in touch with him, though :>)


'Season of mists,' chirps Coo (of course) ;>)

All at Coo & Co enjoyed this piece. The rich description enabled us to enter the story, experiencing the mist for ourselves. We particularly like the patterns and the appearance of steam. 'Puff... puff... puff...' :>o

One Wednesday Morning

All at Coo & Co find this poem very engaging, Thomas. It has a smooth flow and it holds a lot of interest in its themes. We're really drawn to the speaker. And we particularly like the repeated words in the final lines, which have an almost prayer-like quality, somehow.

We note that the poem was written two or three years ago. We keep our old poems too; it is pleasant to revisit them sometimes :>)

so ends

Comment in return! Comment in return! :>)

All at Coo & Co really enjoyed reading this, otp. It has a most exuberant mood and we love the setting. We wouldn't have picked up the literary references, so thank-coos for mentioning those at the end. Our favourite bit is the 'happy tears'. We look forward to reading you again soon :>o (coo)

Samson story

PS: Our image is 'Scilly Seal' by Tim Allsop :>)

dangerous game

We're pleased to see you posting again, otp :>)

Members of Coo & Co enjoyed the seaside setting and the hunt in the sand. The hunt creates a tension, which builds to excellent effect. We particularly felt the racing heart in the third section, and we find an echo in 'broken' of the earlier 'crushed shell'.

The ending interests us. To have hope is something quite special, we think, although we acknowledge we might not have grasped the full sense here. 'That is possible,' Coo concedes :>/

I still am looking for you my Friend by Ann Wood

Yes, we agree with otp, Ann. And there's a very pleasant flow to this; it feels very natural :>)

The New American Poets (1960)

Hoo, hoo, hoo! :>o

All at Coo & Co are laughing joyously together, being fond of rhythm and rhyme. We enjoy list poems too! We must admit, we haven't read much on the whole, but we really like these descriptions. Watching for fires while getting high sounds good to us! :>)


This is indeed a dreamy piece, Ashe :>)

All at Coo & Co like the mysterious beginning, and 'words without meaning' recalls Mendelssohn's 'Songs without Words', for which we thank-coo. The romantic music finds an echo in this poem, we think, with its wistfulness and charm. The fourth stanza is particularly appealing for its imagery (nomads and fire!), while the notion of a field of dreams is very beautiful to us :>)

Moonlight, Abbey Garden

'The picture might be titled "Sunlight, Abbey Garden",' adds Coo. 'Please forgive this; we are rather tired today following a hospital appointment. We shall leave the picture as it is because we think fellow poets might appreciate the colours' :>)

Almost one year with out our beautiful Ashley, we miss you so very much sweetheart by Ann Wood

This is a beautiful tribute, Ann. All at Coo & Co are very sorry for your loss, and we very much hope that writing brings you some comfort through sad times :>)

The Lot

At Coo & Co, we're pretty fond of list poems too, so this is a very enjoyable read for us, Joe. We also relish a little mystery and magic! This builds well too, as you let your imagination strengthen in the space. We're especially drawn to the 'roaring forge' and the steadfast ivy of the final verse :>)

Worlds You Left Behind

This is great fun to read, Friend D., and poignant too. We particularly like the contrast in the second stanza and the use of the word 'gobbledygook' in verse three. And the final four lines are very well observed.

Incidentally, our FT had two grandmothers called Dorothy, and both of them had a gap between their two top teeth. We enjoy thinking about that sometimes :>)

PS: Nice rhymes!