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My Son No Longer Shines

Dear Kathy,

We are so sorry for your loss, and we send healing hugs for you and your family at this difficult time.

With love,
Coo & Co <3

Miriam l... The Chosen

This is very well written, Joe. We really entered into it, watching the scene unfold. We don't know much about Miriam (we shall google), but we like the fullness of the portrait you provide here and we're happy that the lady receives a gift for her dignity in service :>)


Excellent, Larry. Members of Coo & Co are in complete agreement with Joe. We were intrigued immediately by the 'merchants of nostalgia' and our interest was engaged throughout the poem :>)

poets' concerto

Well, this is all very appealing, Tommo. Members of Coo & Co hadn't heard of 'A Lover's Concerto', but our FT has played the Minuet in G :>)

We like the structure of the poem and we enjoyed trying to guess which poet is described in each verse, although we didn't excel at this. However, guessing games aside it's still very pleasant. We're particularly keen on the final stanza :>)

Nowhere Bridge

Yes, pleasant shapes, stretching like bridges and carrying wonderful words, Friend D. This is very well composed and we like the somewhat meditative quality of it. It is quite serious, yet it has twinkly eyes :>)

Three Choruses

Ooh yes, the tops, as Friend D. says. This is exuberant and a lot of fun, Tommo; and members of Coo & Co also appreciate the rhymes. We had more than a few chuckles throughout, not least at 'de Milo's missing arms' and the notion that a person might resemble a Bunsen burner. That is mighty fine :>)

Man in a Well

We think this is one of our favourite poems from you, Larry. It feels complete to us, from the claustrophobic setting to the well-man's thinking as he comes to terms with things. The bleeding of the fingers is particularly memorable, as is their healing :>)

In Nepali

Yes, very well put together, Bibek. Members of Coo & Co enjoy the insights this provides, as well as the sounds of the language. And we appreciate the humour too :>)

Not To Talk Or Run To Wild

All at Coo & Co find this a real treat of a poem, Friend D. :>)

We enjoy your scene setting, particularly in the playground details. We are very intrigued by 'the old Allen place', especially as 'Allen' looks a bit like 'Alien'. The formalities of home life are well presented too and now we feel hungry for luncheon sandwiches. Yummy! And we also appreciate your thoughtful concluding stanza :>)

Between Seasons

Ooh, you're welcome, Tommo; all at Coo & Co are delighted to have inspired this sonnet of sorts! :>)

Being between seasons can feel mighty unsettling; you have captured the mood most eloquently here. We like the uncertainty of the octet, followed by the address to the poets in the sestet, if these are the correct terms. Yeats' 'Sailing to Byzantium' comes to mind, 'O sages standing in God's holy fire'. And we like the final lines too, showing a hope defined and something that brings to mind the beginning of a pilgrimage :>)

The Pea

This is excellent, Larry :>)

We're fond of fairy tales at Coo & Co and we very much enjoyed revisiting 'The Princess and the Pea' through reading this. And the end to your story offers a very appealing twist to it all :>)

My Old Clothes

This is beautifully written, Kathy :>)

There is sadness and a lot of nostalgia here, but also the hope of the final stanza that feels very uplifting to us. And we also appreciate the attention to detail in the mending and altering of the clothes, being keen repairers at Coo & Co :>)

Slam Poetry

Members of Coo & Co confess that they have never attended a slam poetry event. We see the appeal for some persons, but we are peaceful folk ourselves, apt to communicate rather quietly. That aside, we very much enjoyed this poem, Bibek, and we agree with Larry that the gastritis couplet is super-strong :>)

What the World Needs Now

Ooh yes, Friend D., very much so. Members of Coo & Co particularly like your 'something for the brain' here. There is an interesting mix of practical and theoretical items, and all held together nicely with a consistent rhyme scheme :>)

84th Letter

Members of Coo & Co enjoyed reading this letter, Tommo. We like the allusion to the spring solstice, the thought of a 'rickety semi-poem', the word 'fundygelical', and the descriptions of nature in the final stanza. In short, there is something engaging in every verse here :>)

Come, J, Please

A moving entreaty, Larry. The notion of rotting in an armchair forms a striking contrast with the joy of J's visit. Members of Coo & Co wonder whether 'J' is for 'Joy'. That would be apt, we feel :>)

A Bit of Fun

Hoo, hoo, hoo! :>o

Coo is laughing; it's a foolish sound. Members of Coo & Co very much enjoyed singing these lines, Tommo. We know Sergeant Pepper very well; the album's one of our favourites. We appreciate this version on Pope Francis, particularly for 'noble dude'. Yeah! :>)

Old Fool

A poignant piece, Larry. Members of Coo & Co like the balloon and the notion of artful fornication. The poem has a sense of a deflating balloon, especially in the final two shorter lines. It is well composed :>)

Nowy Swiat 16:00

All at Coo & Co really like this, Joe. We haven't been to Warsaw and we very much enjoy travelling via poetry. The details of the father, son, and vases are exquisite :>)

The World Just An Animal Stable

Ooh yes, well done, Friend D. This is indeed very well structured and with plenty of wit, to wit, to woo, woo-hoo! Coo is pleased. We're drawn to the 'intoxicatingly unstable' Mrs Wainwright, for some reason :>)

For My Girlfriend

Members of Coo & Co also enjoy a fine pantoum, Bibek. Here it seems most fitting to a rather complicated relationship, turning through a few tricky themes :>)

Brief Description

Ooh, Black Seed! Members of Coo & Co are intrigued by the name of this writers group, Tommo. We like both the structure of this poem and its rich descriptions, particularly 'tree-scratched edges'. That is just right :>)

Life Made Anew

Reading this, members of Coo & Co wish to take a trip to the seaside. We very much enjoyed the description of the seascape and surrounds, Kathy, followed by the reflective final stanza. Kindness is everything :>)

Up on YouTube!

Excellent, Bibek. Members of Coo & Co applaud together. We think you have a wonderful voice for reading aloud, very clear and pleasant for our ears. We enjoyed the ghazal very much, and the musical accompaniment contributed to the melancholy mood most fittingly. Woo-hoo!

The only bit of feedback we have is to ask whether you ever read without your notebook. We're just curious, really! You seemed to become more confident as the performance progressed, and we thought the variations in the pitch of your voice were very effective. We wish you every success with your next recital :>)

Room For Rumination

Ooh yes, well done, Friend D. Members of Coo & Co very much enjoyed reading this, for the charming rhymes and highly interesting subject matter. We confess to a great interest in the alien too :>)

A Better World

All at Coo & Co very much enjoyed reading this, Larry. Often we feel fortunate that our usual view contains no people, just trees and their dwellers, such as birds. We like the notion of a reconstruction, especially with the air of romance here :>)

Hyperspace Love

Ooh yes, energetic, Bibek! This poem speaks of an initial intoxication turned rather toxic, perhaps. We like the way you use the ghazal form to bring about a resolution :>)

Our Lady of Cambridge

Yes, this is a poetry treat, Tommo. At first glance, members of Coo & Co thought it was a villanelle. Well, perhaps it's a particular type of villanelle we have not yet learned :>)

We very much admire the scene setting, with all the little details. We especially like the line containing 'safe', 'sage', and 'space'. And by the end, we felt we had travelled, which is always pleasant; thank-coo :>o

In-Between the Rainfalls

This is charming, Friend D. Coo twirls on the arm of FT's magic chair :>)

We're drawn in by the opening question and we very much enjoy the musings that follow. We like the rhyme scheme too. And the final two lines seem most sage to us. Coo presents Friend D. with a kite, in the shape of a kite bird :>)

From the Ashen Flatlands

Yes, we agree with our fellow poets. This is excellent, Bibek, in its scene setting, portraiture, and sense of spiritual questing :>)

My First Few Words

Ooh yes, Woolworth's. Members of Coo & Co wonder whether this bears any relation to the UK store, which our FT well recalls. This is a lot of fun, Tommo. We always like to see the word 'mammoth' in poetry, especially so close to 'Wool' :>)

This Country, This Republic

We agree with Larry, Bibek: this is sharp and bitter! And that's why we like it. It's like strong coffee, a wake-up call.

The character drifting from flat to flat is particularly intriguing, especially for contrasts we imagine between his or her life and the stories presented on Facebook. These differences sharpen the poem too :>)


Here's an engaging wordplay, Joe. Members of Coo & Co particularly like the fourth stanza, with its contemplation of neither left nor right leaning :>)

When Will We See Spring Again?

This is very enjoyable, Tommo. All at Coo & Co know the tune, and we feel these lyrics are an excellent fit with the slightly melancholy melody. (Pause, while all sing sweetly together.)

We empathise with the singer's longing for the spring season, as it's very chilly here at present. Our favourite part is 'the bees start to bumble' :>)


All at Coo & Co agree, Bibek: this is excellent, powerful, and grim. And the N's descriptions of winter combined with the feelings in the final stanza are very effective, we note :>)

Home and Away

Yes, all at Coo & Co agree with Joe. This is indeed a pleasant jaunt, otp, full of nice little details such as the ginger candy, Colin's red bandana, and of course the sparrow's nest :>)

Quilts and Guilt

Yes, we agree with otp and Bibek. The imagery is powerful, Kathy, and we like the rhymes too :>)

A Newfound Vocation

Members of Coo & Co nod enthusiastically together. This is well composed, Bibek, and we wish the N every success in this vocation :>)

'The Gilder'

Members of Coo & Co confess that we still haven't found time to read Melville! Nevertheless, we enjoyed reading this. We particularly like the 'most mystic mood' :>)

79th Letter

All at Coo & Co admire this elegant letter. 'Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard...' :>o

New Year’s Message

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo, / Happy New Year to you! / from dear Coo and freaky FT! :>o

And we very much enjoyed reading this deftly rhyming poem :>)

Ode to the coming of Spring

All at Coo & Co thank members of PoetBay for reading and commenting on the poems in this recently completed series, now a new PoetBay book titled 'Woodland Scenes II: Winter Solstice' :>)

All Good Things,
Coo, of Coo & Co :>)

After You Left Me

Ooh yes, the power of birds. At Coo & Co, we know this well. We enjoyed reading this sonnet, particularly for the narrator's ascent and the sound of the temple gongs. Well done, Bibek :>)


The same to you, ken; and our All Good Things :>)

an angel

Apologies; 'Bibek', capital 'B' :>)

an angel

We agree with both bibek and Joe, otp :>)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019 to all my friends and the team of Poetbay.com by Ann Wood

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo, / Season's Greetings to you! / from dear Coo and freaky FT! :>)

i am you are

This too is interesting to read. At Coo & Co we are very much in favour of 'judge less' and 'love more'. We appreciate the prose character study, which resonates for various reasons :>)

A Little about Colin's Grandfather

All at Coo & Co enjoyed reading this portrait of Colin's grandfather; and also of otp et al. It's interesting to reflect upon the ways people change over time :>)

At the mill

PS: We apologise for the small size of the text. Coo recommends that readers zoom in for a more comfortable reading experience 8>)