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Writing On The Edge

I hope it worked, that the writing offered relief.

Sand and Water

Longing for those few precious moments to return, to have another chance at it, maybe that it something universal. This poem feels as if it speaks to everyone; or, everyone who has felt that tug, and cannot forget it.

Memories of yesterday

What an elegant love poem. It's beautiful.

Hyperspace Love

This needs to find its way into publication.

A View of Frost

I liked that you honored his style, while acknowledging that whatever he was at his earthiest core, has been lost to his iconic and commercial current status. Still, I would go to the museum to gather what feeling I could.

Well done!

Gail Ann's Coffee Shop

It's fun for the reader to discover there is complexity behind the words. It makes the poem good on so many levels, the best of which is the sheer pleasure of reading something finely conceived and executed. This seems weightless and effortless, which surely indicates how you worked to make it so. The non-classical theme and language enhances the light touch.

All in all, a joy to read. It reminds me that free form, free verse, fine though it can be, lack the qualities of intention and deliberateness. The form really does enhance the poem. Well done.

Glass Houses

i wonder about people who live in apartments in cities, dave. where do they get rocks? is this a business opportunity?

thought-provoking economics lessons.


d'jungle i could understand, but 'the Djungle' has me puzzled.

i wonder, if you could buy love, would the rich have better love?

Word Play On a Dreary Day

This is a nice city walk. I chuckled when I came to "splay."

The City Limits: An Essay

This is engaging, so many images to contemplate. The evolution of your community is heartening.

The stars that are not

i agree with kathy, and am thinking of starlight from one i lost.


I love that you've caught something as ephemeral as the sound of swirls.

A January Night

A cold January night lends itself to distillation. This is a fine brandy of a poem.

The Cormorant

These kind of wounds don't heal, wind or no wind.


Thoughts of strength and inner-resources come to mind. This seems to be healing poem, and an invitation for joy. What could be nicer?


Likely story.

Children of Divorce

I appreciate this poem, and that you explained the difference between these two traditional poetic forms.

Sonnet: ''The Good Earth''

This is so true, and you expressed it in a truly gentle way. Thank you.

Quilts and Guilt

It isn't hard to consume oneself with such feelings, as if what is is due to fault rather than circumstance. The mind whorls and cycles the same awful thoughts, and this you've poetically captured.

Constituent Services


Had she been less quick-witted, you might have been skewered.

A Newfound Vocation

Perfect imperfection, Bibek, gentle and unhurried.

Bridge Over My Eyes

wow, this is a powerful way of putting words to thoughts ~ terrific ~

The dawn of wisdom

Diametrically opposed to Socrates, "Know thyself." Eastern and Western thought evolved to suit its own culture I suppose. But I think that in the end I think they are saying the same thing—be self-aware to a greater good. Find the harmony within, and reach your full abilities, whatever they may be.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


It is good to praise strong women, and to remember the silent ones who suffer.

The Country is Not Yours

Very strong, excellent images, and what seems like a genuine expression of your sentiment.

To the spring

We read that the "fourteener," the heptameter, makes for especially good narrative poetry, and indeed, or dindeed, it does. Despite the cider, the rhyme and meter never falter.

Poetics aside, what a merry solstice party!

Gathers (by Hap)

How festive! Coo at the sitar must be a wondrous sight!

To Spruce Spire

An inviting poem, one wants to be there.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019 to all my friends and the team of Poetbay.com by Ann Wood

And a peaceful Christmas for you, Ann.

Windship Fancy

I couldn't agree more, and couldn't have expressed this 'fancy' half so well. I cannot abide time poorly spent.

At the mill

The tale of Anneli, Robert, and Kurt reminds us of 'Matty Groves,' and the fair (but rationalizing) Lord Donald's wife singing, "I'd rather a kiss from dead Matty's lips, than all of your finery," and, indeed, Lord Donald runs poor Matty through.

Lady Fox is a cool customer, sidling up to the party, hungry and la-di-da.

Most of all we love Squire Squirrel for his pragmatic turn of mind, weighing the cost/benefit of retrofitting the mill; and that the Squiress knows Squire's mind as well she does, that the mill quite suits him as.

It is Squire Squirrel's attitude which resonates. We are naming our new band "the Pragmatic Squirrels."

All this in your steady voice and rhymes and octet! Pure joy : )

This is my sea by Ann Wood

This is wonderful, Ann, you embrace the sea, and it gives so much back in return ~~~

A Present

This makes me want to make pancakes, as a present to myself, because I do feel in between.

Old Pilgrims' Way

This is quite cheery and welcoming, and nice to read on a chilly (vey chilly) late-autumn night. I am imagining lots of early morning sunshine, though cold.


This and "Catchy" draw a heavy presence, if not ominous, at least unwanted.

Few words and strong images.

The Roak boys

This is rich—layers of pathos, lament, fate. Grieve for the mother, grieve for the father, grieve for the lost boys.

To hear this sung and played as you hear it would be fine.

A genie's honesty

I've read this many times, I continually search for a 4. Of course, I cannot. Three is the limit, we all know that, but I still try.

Sonnet: Return to the woods

Squire's invitation reminds me of Peter's invite to Wendy and the Boys to join him in Neverland.

I'm thinking that cumulatively your 1000 words have drawn a very pretty picture. Squire & Company are clear in my mind.

Enjoy the thought-train. We will enjoy it as it is revealed.

Natural consequences

lol, nothing is funnier than the truth, and nothing hurts more ~

This is no more than a surmise

this is so generous, generous without qualifications

i feel as though i opened an invitation to a party of my very closest friends. i know i will be safe, warm, and welcomed

Schubert's Serenade

I don't think this qualifies as "tragic." It does work, though, as horror. That level of obsessiveness is horrifying. If that is what you were after, you succeeded.

Just one more page....

arguing with yourself is like dancing on a Möbius strip, it will never end . . . but it's okay, as long as you're feeling fab ~

Lakeside sonnet

we're wondering where such appreciation of nature comes from, if Mr. and Mrs. T, FT's parents, took her to quiet places to listen, and look, and be still.

Whitney #2

This is very sweet.

The young German nurse Mareike by Ann Wood

She sounds like a wonderful person, and she is lucky to have you as a friend, as well ~~~

The heat of the Heart

your poems are about what is the best, and quietest, in human nature. very nice ~

If I could by Ann Wood

so sad and dreamy ~

Ancient Music

if i'm to have a tune in my head, i prefer 'Sumer is Icumen,' and if i want to listen to someone sing 'godamm,' then let it be Nina Simone ('Mississippi Goddamn').

but this is fun in its own sarcastic way. pound was a barrel of laughs.

you come up with great poems for us. thank you.


sometimes things are appraised for their value. sometimes for their lack of value. i think we see a clear erosion of value here.

i like your spare formatting, and clear wording.

River God

River God seems to have a spooky, Norse quality about him. The two pieces of stonework which surround him seem oddly abstract. Altogether, I read: 'Fair warning, beware.'

Brown liked green.

Thank you for this. Your documented travels are appreciated for their interest, poetry, and often humorous touches.