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Love Letters Never Sent

Ah, yes. This.

P.s. I love how letters (as a form for telling a story) are revealing in what information is penned, and what information is left to the imagination - between the lines and between the dates.

P.P.S. I still like to write letters for real, when I can, even in this digital age. It's an intensely personal format quite unlike any form of conversation which is characterised by the back and forth. Talking to yourself but not. A one sided conversation with someone in your head, captured on the page.


ooo I like this!


And do break your own is to break others perhaps.

As I read I was dismayed by how many unsavoury scenarios there were! Well done

January 15



Thinking in poetry, observations and reflections revealing beauty. I especially enjoyed the cactus metaphor.

Chords In Blue

Some of your lines absolutely delight me - and then there is MORE, they're part of a whole, but wait I'm still reeling from the beauty of the image:

"Ghost winds comb the breathing, sighing willow trees"

In Retrospect...

I really enjoyed hearing your story of that day. I don't think I've ever heard how the day was experienced by a child - sharing the story in retrospect provokes thoughts about today's children, growing up where the fearmongering newslines that I becane aware of on that day are now every day tone. The use and effect of fear warrants further exploration. I like that you referenced the will to live - that's an important detail - but living in fear usually shuts us down and is as you say destructive. It inhibits life. And I've never considered surviving (having to focus on merely surviving) to be really living.

Only This

Sorry for messing up your comment thread. Rivers track and Slumbering in forest tracks. I get it now. The second mention of tracks jars, as mentioned, but now I see a parallel is being drawn between the flow of the river, calling and the dreaming in the slumbering forest.

Only This

Except not I can't find a second mention of tracks. Ignore that wierd comment.

Only This

Woow, I was capivated at the first line, bluestone and moonstone together, contrasting: "bluestone moonstone", startled by how the word stone is transformed entirely. And referenced not as objects but active textures "wrapping" and enclosing ("walls"). Also the close intimacy in the first part contrasting with the expansive movement of river, wind and forever - delicious!

Forest slumber in their tracks jarred for me because trees don't have footsteps and then the word tracks is repeated later leaving me feeling you made a connection in your mind I failed to comprehend on reading.

I'm whispering it out loud too it reads so well, as a spoken word poem. Love love the imagery, movement, textures.

modes of speech

I really like this one. Very strong in style and effect. Something too about "the impression" that is made - enough to provoke you to pick up a pen and write about it only to create another impression with the rhythm of words. There is also something about elevating the everyday to something impressionable through the act of noticing ... which interests me.

Behind Shadows

Intriguingly confusing in the middle there and strong imagery amplifying the feeling of being unable to see through the shadows but only feel and sense - the possibility of bones shattering in noise and the smudge of lines in the mind.

How not to complicate relationships

Wonderful. Thank you for finding words for this. I have always struggled with the idea of choosing to exclude, when the alternative you pose makes so much more sense, and is potentially so much more honest.

The real reality

Mm yes! My favourite line is "if you can keep watch of that you are in present time" for me the words arrive as both a reminder and a promise simultaneously.