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Far from Tintern Abbey

Oh my! This was beautiful. I fairly understand the ravaging need to turn down affection and run off somewhere far from this source, even if in a rushed moment, to let things settle within your own mind first in solitude. That love, or here, this life you've been living, is not the answer is a feeling keeps rising up time and again. I've read the whole piece three times already and it's still as beautiful in its intent and imagery as it is universal. So much love to you for this 🖤

True Love

You might have nudged me to change how I think about love. Probably would take some time but still, it's nice to time and again, read the age-old notions of love. Also love how completely unfazed the other person, any other person, is when it comes to this topic. Lastly, welcome back, Starman, you have been sorely missed


I've been coming across this particular word "breathe" in social media platforms quite a lot lately, as a gentle reminder to help prevent suicide. The vinyl playing has a remarkable, almost dizzying, impact, and perfectly fitting with the whole contrast of things still and moving in this poem. PS I love the way your poems generally flow


It's a warning, a "beware" so it's kind of justified but personally I've never liked the use of exclamations at all and only prefer them as a last alternative for any emotion

Not Wholly Sold on Spring

I love the poem but I love more how it is crafted. Every word and line breaks feel like a perfect fit. My favorite line undoubtedly is the last :)

Letter to the World

Immediately thought of Dickinson when I read "This is my letter to the world". A refreshing read

Still Looking

This is so beautiful!

But why use 'I was at the end of the town' when you've already given another poignant picture for the same in the previous 'The houses stopped'

Live Imaginary

I loved reading this for the most random parts, and I must admit, it is quite dreamy, in how everything is experienced through everything else. Like 'taste her melody', 'hear her eyes'. But there's also lines that threw me off like 'Just a lifetime commitment, I ask for only one sip' and I don't prefer the use of 'reality' altogether. Find a substitute for it, if you can. I love these lines 'Just listen to the stitch work of a puppet's vest that was once broken' and 'You belong anywhere, everywhere, and there's no one who can still recall being broken'. You clearly have a knack for poetry and although I love losing myself purely to words, you do need to sharpen your craftsmanship and do clearer drafts with more focus.

Empty bottles

Loved the poem and I somehow, quite pleasantly, read this in Billy Collins' voice.

You Say Love

I loved the simplicity of the whole poem as I love all things that look as if they came easy. The line from Dickinson sneaks perfectly. The ending verses are a little too hurried. Do something as to elongate the last line in particular if you're going to use "here" three times consecutively, even go with the full "did not" instead of "didn't"


Exactly how I feel right now. Loved it