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Tom Benson

66 years old from England

The latest comments that Tom Benson has written.

Workshop Jottings: Snow

I love the summary line, which caught me by surprise.

I Am

At first glance, simple thoughts or admission, but intense.

Singing To Cats

A good piece and it can be summarised by joining the first and final stanzas. Staying strong is always much easier when there is a companion - even at a distance.

2017 - Goodbye

It's refreshing but sad to read such an independent view of history unfolding in a country which considers itself a leader of nations.
As an outsider from the UK, I can only marvel at how eloquently you've managed to paint a picture of what is seen internationally as the wrong person for the job.
Seeing how you feel makes me believe that for once a change in one of the nation's famous phrases is needed.
'God help the United States of America'