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Tom Benson

66 years old from England

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In the 'animal' kingdom the female often takes her rightful place as an equal, and in some instances she stakes a claim to be the more powerful.
Cases in point being lionesses which conduct the hunt and kill, which at first might show the lion as lazy, but he will fight to the death to protect his pride.
Of course there is the slightly peckish example of the black widow. :)

I Wonder IF He Knew

Having been there - served my country in uniform, this means so much to me. You've touched a raw nerve with the depth of your words.
When involved in a conflict, the service personnel never worry about themselves, but those they might leave behind. In 20+ years in the British Army, I met very few men or women who worried about paying the ultimate price for their own sake.
This is an excellent piece of writing.


I love the summary line, which caught me by surprise.

I Am

At first glance, simple thoughts or admission, but intense.

Singing To Cats

A good piece and it can be summarised by joining the first and final stanzas. Staying strong is always much easier when there is a companion - even at a distance.

2017 - Goodbye

It's refreshing but sad to read such an independent view of history unfolding in a country which considers itself a leader of nations.
As an outsider from the UK, I can only marvel at how eloquently you've managed to paint a picture of what is seen internationally as the wrong person for the job.
Seeing how you feel makes me believe that for once a change in one of the nation's famous phrases is needed.
'God help the United States of America'