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Karan Ram Sharma

46 years old from Nepal

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Patriotism 101

I have read but one poem by Nissim Ezekiel, i.e. The Patriot. His grammar was horrid...I shall never know whether it was for effect or his ability, because I shall never read another of his poems.

Your homage to his poem and pasquinade of the mildly-English-fluent Commie proletariat of Nepal is very effective. The nationalistic canonization of Buddha as Nepali--such a joke. The ignorant idolatrize KP Sharma Oli as a godsend to the the people of Nepal or even as the engenderer of Ram Rajya.

So effective that I am overwhelmed by a sense of nausea...as if I have been afflicted by a thirty-minute conversation with some natio-communist imbecile.

Well done!

Half-baked Haiku

I liked your haikusó
especially number tenó
your love of the rules. :D