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zeeshan says: need help

hey all you people or should i say all my respected poet frnds, i need your help , you see i am actually an amature poet , i have just strtd writing poems, n i see myself standing on the 'a' where as you all are resting on the 'z' of the world of poetry writing, all i want frm u ppl is that if u can plz take out some of ur precious time and read my poems , n give your precious comments and suggestions on my work, if you can let me know wat it takes for becoming a great poet, and wat do i need to be one, i request you all to plz take a little pain for me, may god bless all my fellow frnds.
Written 2006-09-05

sania says: re:

as u say u r a newbie, so naturally your writings r bound to have some scope for improvement. noone can master any art but with practice and sincere devotion one can still reach upto the mark of approval.
v. candidly speakin' , when i wrote my first poem at the age of 10 , i had not the slightest of hint that one day i would b soooo much into poetry. over the time i have tried several genres , changed modes - from nature to social disorders to communalism to spirituality . so you see the more you indulge the more you learn and the faster you grow as an individual. on a personal note i feel that in today's highly competitive era ,creativity has taken a back seat (i myself gave in to studies and for the last 4 yr.s n wrote v. little.)
one needs to find a healthy balance betwixt the 2.
Written 2006-09-08
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