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Kathy Lockhart says: Religious Poetry

I have been told to take my problems to the forum. Since I am now here I wish to thank all who support the right of anyone to write about their faith or lack of faith.
Writing poetry comes from within, from the heart of who we are, how we see things in life, how things affect us, etc. Since I am a believer, I am often inspired by nature and the Creator. I do not write to change people's beliefs. I write to express my thoughts.
In the future, I suggest that if you have a problem with some one's point of view expressed in their poetry, do not read the poet's texts. It's that simple.
Stay away.
Also, I am very concerned about the lies that are being told, the liable/slander that takes place through gossip via the private messages here on this site.
Those who really know me, know that I am not an instigator nor am I one to attack. However, I will defend myself or those I love when they are attacked.
Written 2009-08-19

Thomas Perdue says: re:

I'd say that anyone who thinks religion and poetry should be kept separate have no familiarity whatsoever with the works of any classic (or modern) poet. Poetry is all about self expression! Everyone has different beliefs. If I read a book and like it, maybe I'll want to read more by that author, if I don't like the book, then maybe I won't want to read anymore by that particular author!

If poetry doesn't offend at least one person, then I'd say it probably isn't very sincere. You can't make everyone happy, you're going to rub some people the wrong way if you express your thoughts on things!

Updated: 2009-09-11
Written 2009-09-11

Thomas Perdue says: re:

I see religion in almost everything I write, it's all connected to some sort of belief I have. My beliefs are not always fully visible on the surface, I like really deep metaphors, I think I can communicate most effectively with them.

"Religious" is just another word for "passionate". I think my poetry is very deeply spiritual.
Written 2009-09-11

Thomas Perdue says: re:


I hope I did not offend you with my previous posts on this thread. I was trying to say that I support you. There will always be idiots in the world that are offended by any opposing view, and I'm sorry if you've had some sort of unpleasant experience on this site.

Hope all is well with you.
Best wishes,
- Thomas
Written 2009-09-30

Kathy Lockhart says: re:

Thomas in no way was I offended. Thank you for your support. : ) kathy
Written 2009-10-03

Damon says: re: Religious poetry

Hi ya Kathy,
I think that we should be able to post any kind of poetry that we want to so long as it isn't pornographic. There are sites for that as well, but it shouldn't be done on family oriented sites.

Religious is fine, and if someone doesn't like that just don't read it. If they feel they have to read everything of their friends, they shouldn't be a freind. If they feel they can't be a part of a siie that allows relious poetry, it is time for them to leave the site rather than fuss about it.

Written 2009-11-20

Thomas Perdue says: re:

Hi, Kathy.

Thanks for your reply, I'm glad that I didn't offend you. I just now found your reply here in this forum.

I hope you are well, and I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!
Written 2009-11-26
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