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Dr.Mosam Sinha says: PAIN IN TEARS

roll down from the eyes
when the heart vibrates hard
when something bad happens
when there is an injury in body
when there comes loss in trade.

roll down from eyes
when someone leaves this life
when a brother cheats his sister
when a son maltreats his father
when mother disfavours his son.

roll down from eyes
when teacher scolds his student
when husband blames his wife.
when flood of sorrows visit life
making life dull, hard to lead.

roll down from eyes
when something good happens
when achievement comes in way
when success comes after failures
when sorrows end in utmost joy

roll down from eyes
when love excels all adversities
when unexpected favour is laid
when God showers His blessings
after testing the man to the full.

But tears do not fell
to see the poor in hot water
to see the women being raped
to see the growing buds plucked
to see injustice done to innocent
to find love being sold at market.

Tears roll down from my eyes
as I say this with my words.
My pen seems to flow blood
with ache in body and eyes
I dream for that great day
when the rich become the poor
in their hearts to feel the pains
the poor feel in their sad lives.
I would feel obliged to all those
who call me poor among the poor.
Written 2011-02-02

Dr.Mosam Sinha says: Success is Unsuccess

Success is in unsuccess.
As it teaches the way
to learn and relearn,
to reach the summit
of prosperity and fame.

Unsuccess is in success
when taken as boasting,
treated like a strong tree
It can fall when faces
the devastating storm.
Written 2011-02-02

Dr.Mosam Sinha says: Ocean of Sorrows

Life is a saga of sorrows
Enveloped from all sides,
Like an insect caught in web
Made up of interwoven strings
No way to come out of it,
even after striving very hard.
What to do, what not to do,
One is unable to determine.

Life is like a salty ocean.
Water has no taste there.
The more you taste it,
The more dull it becomes.
The more you drink it.
The more it bites you,
and damages your liver.
No chance of being tasty.
Written 2011-02-02

Dr.Mosam Sinha says: HAIKU

Depression builds up
as nothing comes in my way.
Poverty is curse.

Permit me to say
what I have deep in my heart
through my poetic art.

I wished to call you
at meeting point of lovers
to say I love you.
Written 2011-02-02

Dr.Mosam Sinha says: You & I

You are mine,
I am yours.
Nothing is mine,
nothing is yours.
Love is everything
between both of us.
What I do for you
is what you do for me.
I am a river of love.
You ride on waves,
I make when you touch
my body and create
sensations in my soul.
I wish for eternal meet,
as you would come
and take a dip in me
to be lost into oblivion-
into the world of fancy
where there is life full of
love, nothing but love.
Written 2011-02-02

Dr.Mosam Sinha says: To You

You are like an abode
of love,truth,life and soul
with a heart full of kindness,
language to win over people.

You pour your sweet words
like a fountain flows water:
brightly, naturally,gracefully
creating sensations in hearts.

Your sweet words glow like
intertwined pearls shedding
darkness from hollow minds
creating hopes in the hopeless.

Your language flows like
The crystal river that goes
In all directions giving

Presentation is your forte
A king fights with a sword.
A writer writes with a pen.
You speak even sans words.

-The poem is dedicated to my source of inspiration, Shri Surendra Rajeshwari, Senior Announcer, All India Radio, Rampur
Written 2011-02-02
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