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Sofie Sieling says: My first poem

Hello, I just finished my very first poem, and since it is my first one, I am in no way thinking highly of it at all, but please, review, thank you very much.

My very first poem I just wrote. I have never written one before, please review it thanks.

Honestly, little Shieldmaiden of Earth, I know your persona, arise!
Thus our witching hour has yet to arise, arise, arise -- darkness must baptise!
I may, whoever I might be, may spare you whichever you secretly despise,
Within souls elder than Heaven itself, I ask you cunningly, furthermore, believe!

From galaxies miles away, personalities generations away, believe, find faith in your power!
I see all -- the longer then skin sheds from deepest within, let the skin shed all the way, devour
Till the narrow bones of Earth, I say, you seem narrow underneath, unidentified by Adamís ale
You know, behind the wuthering heights, I am right, and that is why I tell you this tale.
Written 2018-01-03

jenny martin says: re: re:

You need a plot. By which I mean YOURS - don't be one of these idiots who needs to ask for a plot-line. The fact that you didn't include the words "what should I write about"
Write My Essay For Me in your question immediately puts you on the right track.
Written 2019-03-12

sara wells says: re: re: re:

A poem is simply the speech of the soul. In terms of literacy, it is a flexible text type which enables you to convey anything in any possible way. Assignment Writing Assistance available.
Written 2019-07-10
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