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Welcome to our page and feel free to leave us questions, comments, or suggestions!

The Editorial Team account is used as a point of contact with us for all the members of PoetBay.

It is also used to inform members when their literary and/or artistic creations have been chosen to appear on the home page, to post poetic challenges, and post classic poems from time to time.

It is also from here that you will be informed about technical developments and updates, and if you have questions, comments, suggestions or technical difficulties, you can reach us.

We also post community polls once in a while to get your views on certain features and/or decisions we think might be of interest to you as a member of PoetBay's website.

The Editorial Team is :


Anna (admin)

Isabelle (admin & tech)



Editorial Team

MY TEXTS, Archive 334 Texts

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∞ Our never ending poem (Choose the new theme! Will you be the 1st one?) - 2012-02-16
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Cupid, Take Your Quiver And Go - 2012-02-14
Our never ending poem ∞ - 2012-02-14
Celebrate love Friends to the rescue or a good delay excuse (V challenge) - 2012-02-14
Last Day (Pantoum Challenge) - 2012-02-13
Our never ending poem ∞ *revised* (1) - 2012-02-13
Our never ending poem ∞ *revised* (3) - 2012-02-12
Friendly writing challenges & our never ending poem - 2012-02-12
THE LILY OF THE VALLEY, - 2012-02-10
We write poems (1) - 2012-02-07
Pantoum Challenge! There is still room for more. Really.) - 2012-02-06
Our never ending poem [A cento or Renga? = A collage of poetic voices] - 2012-02-06

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