Perhaps the beautiful girl\Who came to his garden and\Sent him to the lion\Now walks with him as sister\In the rows of Eden upon the\Mount of Zion.

first communion

lips blue and bitten

Father A holding my hand

my wedding dress around my eight years

paled and sacrificed

The lion holding my hand

the true salvation in my palm

are you happy hanging on your cross?

does the metal plate keep you from falling?

the red of the altar

the red of his robe

the red of his blood


in the mouth of the eight year old brides

no longer white

through the coloured glass

my rainbow halo

put all my sins on display

is that why the mothers are crying?

the tiny silver saviour

pushed against our mouths and lips

before entering the circle

like the bull

we never stood a chance

Poetry by Lourdes
Read 639 times
Written on 2006-05-14 at 14:33

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something Ive never experienced, but such a good reading.
Forest :)

Amanda K
lol. tou made me picture in advance my wedding since am engaged. was nice 2 read.

all the best on 2007,

as to the poem: good description here, and an honest exploration of feelings.

as to the content... as a kid who saw first communion in a whole other light, for me it was a lesson in love. it was humbling. it was real. it wasn't traumatizing, although it was a little overwhelming. it was a GOOD experience for me and i'm sorry if this is what it was like for you.

i can't agree with all the churches have done, not in the slightest. they have done more to vandalize the name of God than anyone outside the religion. but it hurts to see God get the blame for what men have done. there is nothing offensive in communion.

how it was presented may have been wrong, or how the heart took it, sure. but the message is not an offense.

the churches have it wrong. the christians have it wrong. there is one source from which to find the truth of his message, and that's Jesus himself. alive and well, and easily found when sought after by a hungry heart.

the message is simple. accept the sacrifice. taste God's blood and see if you still hunger for vengeance and for blood... it was the sacrifice to end all sacrifices, it was a bold cry of ENOUGH! it was God's apology for putting us here in such hard times, where we are all subject to one another's free will, where we are all guilty of hurting one another. it was God's message that there is a better way, to simply accept the sacrifice, forgive and be forgiven. and it feels like you have tried to cheapen it here.

eight year old bride, you make it sound perverse. it feels like an attack on God's character. but maybe that's how they made you feel, and if they did, then they were wrong. do you hear me? they were wrong.

God is not a list of rules. He is loving, he is good, he is merciful, he extends grace freely, and if you'll be honest, you know when you feel him tugging at your heart. all time is based on a man who lived 2000 years ago (and today!) and we still celebrate his birthday and easter... and no man has made such a mark on the world as the man that is God and man in one. anyone who wishes can follow their idols, spirits, and quacks. such nonsense will fail them. i will follow my God, and be saved.

hey there you do describe in a few words vivid images and this is so well written rgds mike

Christian Ward
Excellent imagery, very deep and visual

"like the bull
we never stood a chance"
No, we didnt.
You paint the picture in a way that goes right to the heart of another 8 year old bride!


daughters of cinder_daughters of powder
by Lourdes