The touch.

The touch of.......

Written by Louise. E.

Once there is the touch,
Of your hand in mine.
Once there is the touch,
From my heart,
That touches.
From my soul,
That shines.
Once there are the words,
That carry.
Where I let you be you,
And you let me be me.
Once there will be the essence.
Of thinking,
Beyond the shine,
Of our own light.
Then you know where you stand,
And you thank everybody,
That has helped you,
Find your balance,
Along the way.

Once there is that moment,
That your flower,
Where the birds sing,
Where you drift,
As an eagle on the wind.
That there is that call:
See me,
Hear me,
Let me be.
As I let you be you.
So you can let me be me.
Because of who I am.
And what I write.
Here in the now,
That is where this life,
Begins and ends.
Every time,
Again and again.
It starts a new.
Every day given,
Every day loved,
Every day as a good friend.
Thank you.
Also you for being there,
In my humble existence,
Through perseverance,
We shall move forward.

Poetry by Louise 55
Read 311 times
Written on 2017-04-04 at 18:28

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Power of poetry.
by Louise 55