This silence within me is growing. The warmth it brings a nice swift breeze of destiny growing towards my tomorrows.

The Silence heard.

The silence heard.

Written by Louise Eikelenboom.

The silence,
In the breathing,
Of the night.
The silence,
In the activity,
Of the day.
This silence,
Without words,
To say.
Not thinking of:
Today or
The silence,
Like a kiss,
In the night,
On the lips.
The silence,
A day to day,
Of a song.
The song of the first bird,
That sings.
The silence,
In me is growing.
The pain subsides.
The warmth,
Within me grows.
The silence of a love,
More then,
Bigger then,
I can be.
But in the warmth,
Of the home coming,
Of myself,
With myself.
To just be.

Be blessed in love and light.

Poetry by Louise 55
Read 313 times
Written on 2017-04-08 at 07:49

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Power of poetry.
by Louise 55