Resonating with others in love, light and good energy. It feels for me like below. :)

Energie Field.

Energy field.

Written by Louise Eikelenboom.

Energy field.
In the touch,
Of people.
Still unknown,
To the heart.
Energy field.
In the touch,
Of unity,
The unity felt,
In the touch,
Of energy felt.
How beautiful,
To share this feeling,
Of light,
A pure orchestra,
Of trumpets,
In my mind.
A energy of waves,
Coming in:
Through my feet,
Through my legs,
Through my back,
Through my neck,
Through my head,
And out of myself,
Surrounding me,
With pure warmth,
And feelings.
What a feeling,
This pure energy,
In the touch,
Of unity.
In the touch of,
Pure loves vibration.

Poetry by Louise 55
Read 317 times
Written on 2017-04-09 at 18:36

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great poem! did you get this marvelous lines by experiences?


Power of poetry.
by Louise 55