Cryptic yet as I feel in this second.

The head is empty, but full with essence.

The head is empty,
But full with essence.

Written by Louise Eikelenboom.

There are empty thoughts,
In a head full of love.
Just to be in the here,
The now of this moment.
Feels good to me.

I don't want to spill,
My love and trust.
I want to keep it,
As my faith.

It is were I really on,
In a second,
A minute or hour,
In a year,
Or is a day.

Love from a heart,
That was brushed,
That was torn,
That is whole again,
That stands on its own.

Love from a soul.
That shines,
That radiates.
The seconds,
That come and go.

Like a life line,
That penetrates.
The essential need,
To know one self,
Within every second,

Poetry by Louise 55
Read 292 times
Written on 2017-04-10 at 13:26

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Love is nice, if you can find a true one these days.
Which is very hard to do. Lovely read.


Power of poetry.
by Louise 55