Dreaming of warmth and higher places.

Dreaming of warmth,
And higher places.

Written by Louise Eikelenboom.

Love inside of me,
Wonderful warm feeling.
Love inside of me,
Wonderful caress.
Is this the feeling,
Of breath in.
While on the,
Breath out,
Fades away.
Into the mist,
Of my mind.
I walk.
I see places,
Within me,
I have never seen.
I see time,
Pass me by.
I slip away into,
Peaceful dreams.
As I say my prayers,
For my angels,
To keep me save,
And the night,
To carry me,
To the moon,
The place,
Where the shine,
Of my heart,
To the sun,
The place,
Where my shine,
To the place,
Of peace,
That I feel inside.

Poetry by Louise 55
Read 322 times
Written on 2017-04-10 at 20:16

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Power of poetry.
by Louise 55