Our holiday at the sea side day nine by Ann Wood

Good morning all, you good people. It is our last day at Plymouth. Tomorrow we are going to visit Bath for day or two. Today we will go to auntie’s parents. It is a beautiful day; we have our breakfast in the garden. We have full English breakfast, with French fried bread and pancakes. Also we have fruits and fresh juices, tea and coffee. After breakfast we all help to clean the table. At 9am we were in the mini bus in our way to my aunties’ parents’ house where e will stay today. Mom was making last night some home made cookies and cakes for our party today. We will go to have BBQ today and party games with pub quiz and bingo. My auntie parents live an hour and haft way from her house. We stop for refuel on gas station and have small break, we all have ice creams and popcorn. At 11am we get to aunties parents house. They were waiting us in the garden. My cousins run to say hello to them. We take everything inside and the adults start chatting and getting ready for the BBQ. All children go out again and swimming in the pool. After that we go for walk in the forest to get some wild berries for the pie aunties mom will make for us. And I picked bouquets of wild flowers for all the women in the house. An hour later we back in the house happy that was help for the pie. The BBQ was on and both grandpas make our lunch, mom and auntie were did chips and salads. I love family dinners and parties. I make fresh lemonade for our lunch. The boys were playing basketball in the back yard. We eat our lunch in the garden and playing pup quiz. It was so yummy and we all make compliments to both grandpas for the yummy BBQ they make. My auntie dad is from Texas USA there they make the best BBQ. We all have fun I take some pictures and make video clips too. At 7pm we all get to the mini bus and go back to my uncle house. My aunties’ parents come too with us we all will go for holiday together, next morning. We were singing al way home and at 8:30pm we arrive at home. We play few games then at 11pm all get ready for bet. I was so tired and get fast asleep as soon I reach my bed. Good night everyone see you in the morning, sleep well and sweet dreams.

Short story by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-05-28 at 12:58

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antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
It is not real story Louise. I make it up.

Louise 55
That was a nice day out. Glad you enjoyed yourself that day. :)


Our holiday at the sea side by Ann Wood
by antoniya katelieva-wood