Here and Now

Let's have some poetry! Let's write here and now!

Gracie and George, say good night here and now.


You say you've memorized Dylan Thomas's "Prologue":

How much of it can you recite here and now?


TV gets religious as dawn approaches:

Watch "This is the Life" and "Insight" here and now.


What if cherry blossoms changed into May snow,

If the pavement turned winter-white here and now?


Singer Jill Scott has a golden voice. Not I!

I live my life like it's pyrite here and now.


I'm a mess of flab, slack muscle and thick fat,

Unshapely, plagued by cellulite here and now.


Eve plucked forbidden fruit at the serpent's urging:

He told her, go ahead, take a bite here and now.


Hart Crane, as you sit writing your "Voyages,"

Vest your sentences in samite here and now.


Is that Morrissey caterwauling in the distance?

Shoplifters of the world, unite here and now!


Can I find my old 45 of the Starland Vocal Band?

Let's have some "Afternoon Delight" here and now!


Let's arm ourselves with love, wage peace:

Fight against our urge to fight here and now.


Cherish all those warm-hearted days gone by;

Recall their sweet Gemütlichkeit here and now.


At twenty, I loved New Seeds of Contemplation

But I'm not Merton's acolyte here and now.


DeFreitas, what are we going to do with you?

Straighten up and fly right. Here and now. 

Poetry by Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-11-11 at 06:03

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Liked that final couplet too. Made me smile.

Wonderful. Especially the takhallus in the final couplet (maqta) was like cherry on top.


by Thomas DeFreitas