Inmemory of my uncle Dimcho Mihov by Ann Wood

Inmemory of my uncle Dimcho Mihov he left us few days ago after long illness.
He was a caring husband, father and friend, kind and loving person.
He was father of two beautiful children, and his beautiful wife they both will miss him badly.
Dear uncle we all miss and love you so much, you always will be alive in our hearts until our last breath.
You are now a new angel in the heaven and the bigest star on the sky, God call you at home with him and you will be with your parents and son agan together forever.
They say the pain will go but it is not true it is will stay in our hearts, to lost love one is the severe pain which never will go.
Rest in peace my dear uncle, I will miss you so much, but you are now in better place and pain free.
Our father please take your son in your home and look after him for us let him to rest in peace and found his way home. To his family and friend give them peace and time to grieve. Father please bless them with long life and good health, luck, happiness, joy, love, success, money, all their dreams to become true. In the name of God, his son and the holy spirit Amen!
We will see you at another time in another world, you will wait for us infront of heavens gate and give us a big welcome hug.
Until then you will look after us from heaven with big smile on your face.
With love and light always yours neice Ann Wood!

Poetry by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-11-26 at 17:28

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