The story is back sorry for the long gape, but how you know I lost my god daughter and few other family members and friends for the last few months. Also I was not very well to write this story book. Hope now I will have the time and muse to write it.

Our holiday at the sea side day sixteenth by Ann Wood

Good morning world, I am still in bed but have to get ready for breakfast. I get a shower and dressed, then call my friend to update her with our holiday. It is the morning when we left Blackpool to go to visit Liverpool. It is nice sunny morning we all have our breakfast and getting ready for our journey. After breakfast I wash and clean the table get quick shower and we start our journey. Before we left Blackpool, we stop to Morrison’s to buy food and drink for few days and to get some petrol and gas. I get the morning news papers and some magazines few packets with different snacks food too. We start our journey again and I watching a movie on my tablet, when my parents and grandparents were talking about the weather and our journey. At 10:00h we arrive at Liverpool and stop near the river. Then we go to the city for walk and shopping. At 13:30h we go to small Italian eatery for our lunch. We were having pizzas and salads with ice cream and Italian cake. After lunch we all go to the beach and was playing beach volleyball and tennis. At 18:30h we go to nears Indian eatery for our dinner we get different curies and rise dishes, we all love Indian and Italian food. After our dinner we all go to visit few local pubs and bars, we enjoy drinking and dancing until 12h at night. Then we go back to our caravans at 00:30h we say good night to each other and get in side to get ready for the night. I go to my room wash my self and put my pajama on then put the television on and get into my bed to watching the late movie on BBC1. After the movie finished at 2:20h I turn the television off and go to sleep. I can not go to sleep for about an hour after that, thinking about my friend Mia who past way few days ago in car accident with her parents, in America on their visit there. I miss her so much and wish that I can tell her once again that I love her and will miss her, also that I never will go to forget her. May she rest in peace? Finally at 4:00h I fall asleep and sleep until 11:00h.

Short story by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-11-28 at 20:21

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Power of poetry and love by Ann Wood
by antoniya katelieva-wood