A companion piece to "After Midnight." Both poems, from 2012.

Before Dawn

Heaven is dark with splendour before dawn;
Hope whispers--subtle, tender--before dawn.

My sweet one sleeps a thousand miles away:
How many flowers I'll send her before dawn!

Armies of love clash by the turbulent sea:
Which side shall surrender before dawn?

Sleeplessly seeking rhymes, the feverish poet
Goes on a rotgut bender before dawn.

The fires in my antiquated hearth
Burn to a cold, gray cinder before dawn.

Bravo, progressive mystic! Will you decide
The Holy Spirit's gender before dawn?

O troubled women of the Boston streets,
Will you stray from prudence, blunder before dawn?

Relentless rains drench this northern suburb.
Hey now! It just might thunder before dawn!

I plagiarize the sixteenth century,
More borrower than lender before dawn.

Diana, goddess of priceless silver light--
The restless soul will find her before dawn.

Cistercian sages, eloquent and holy,
Your hallowed words I ponder before dawn.

That's one honey of a poem you're reciting.
Don't stop, Dillybop! Extend her until dawn!

Poetry by Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-11-29 at 10:33

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You're going ham on these noice.


by Thomas DeFreitas