The journey enters its final stage; the imagined illustration shows the party nearing the spring, where Prophet-Bird awaits :>)

To the spring

So all the party started for the spring within the woods,
   each member, full of cider, swaying slightly on the Way,
Hap distributing further flasks and foil-wrapped bakers' goods,
   while all the Morris-side musicians kept up rowdy play.

'Thish ish the path we took before!' Thus slurs a tipsy Coo.
   'Yesh, Coo,' FT agrees, 'the time jusht me and you and I,
we went to see the Prophet-Bird.' 'We did dindeed, woo-hoo!'
   'A kingfisher!' 'The lemon curd!' 'The shwansh came shailing by!'

''Ere, watch out for the river!' chuckles Squire from overhead,
   and Hap laughs too. 'Perhaps I should've bought the Wayside boat!
Well, failin' that, m'dears, here, have a spongy slice of bread,
   'tis all the finest grains we farms, our wheat and maize and oat.'

FT and Coo enjoy their bread while keeping to the track,
   and on the river mallards, shovellers, coots, and moorhens glide,
all heading for the spring, excited, making keen 'Quack-quack!'
   or other call, and swimming on the river's gentle tide.

At last the spring comes into view, the maples all around,
   all bare of leaves yet quite festooned with sweetly singing birds,
and here's the silver pond, its bridge raised high above the ground,
   and on the bridge the Prophet-Bird herself, with welcome words:

'I greet thee of the Walds and of the world outside our wold;
   let us embrace and share a special supper this short night,
arising with the rising Sun in garb of glory gold
   and breakfasting on lemon curd cake, as per Solstice rite!'

Poetry by Coo & Co The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-12-20 at 20:07

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one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
We read that the "fourteener," the heptameter, makes for especially good narrative poetry, and indeed, or dindeed, it does. Despite the cider, the rhyme and meter never falter.

Poetics aside, what a merry solstice party!

Thank goodness for Winter Solstice. I salute the Kingfisher and it's Waldy author, for fine poetic gatherings, and cider laden bliss.


Woodland Scenes II: Winter Solstice
by Coo & Co