Not sure why a man is writing this but hey i am in a strange mood :-)

Glass shards

It's feeding time at the zoo again
her futile words slaughtered
lay laughing at her feet.

So she places her foot
upon the path
and walks between
the shards of glass.

A thought suspended
in her mind
spoke deeply
of another time.

A gentle touch
two hearts embraced
beneath a sky
of silken lace.

The air was cool
the night was long
she drowned within
her lovers song.

But it's just another memory
now far beyond her reach
so she stops and collects all her tears
glass shards
of his deceit.

Rik - 08/06/2006

Poetry by Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 641 times
Written on 2006-06-08 at 13:41

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You have structured this text in a beautiful way, with the rhymed part in the middle (echo of the lover's song she is drowning into?...)
And oh that kind of tears! Though they cut you, you keep picking them up, compulsively, clutching at them...
Sorry, just got carried away. Beautiful poem, as always.

Hauntingly beautiful and brillant imagery!

Zoya Zaidi
What a lovely poetic expression you have. All those mataphors you bring in are just out of this world!
Love, it!
And thanks for sharing!

Love, xxx, Zoya

Malin Johansson
I enjoyed this poem. it was deep but yet so clear...

hi there a brilliant expression of one love lost and the yearning of a woman
well done the metaphorical ref to stepping between shards of glass excellently describe the tortured path lovers reatd well done rgds muke


by Rik