I would like to thank the poet Nat Scroggie for lending me the line:
"-and trace the shadows of her fading shapes" ,, the line that gave birth to this poem. This is to Nat , with love ~ L. Segovia

the sliver of her memory

as her braids grew
waist long
touching her compass
misguiding the map
he was still looking for her

in the dark river
where she held her breath
through every season

he had built a nest

for her return
was to be
from this murky water
dressed in the same lavender age
she wore in the last kiss

he would never leave her
to their prayers
but trace the shadows of her
fading shapes
until the sliver of her memory
would once again breathe
his name

Poetry by Lourdes
Read 553 times
Written on 2006-06-15 at 19:26

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what a lovely poem. but i want to share something with you
You know my parents have come from mumbai. i am very happy.i am very excited. how r u? and your family?
you are very precius to me. i love you very much....
You love me as a mother Thanks
My maother your nature is same as my mother.
i thank to all my poet bay friends also.

Your son

Captivating and beautiful...brillant imagery.

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
oh the never-dying love! how pure it is. These are poignant words that have taken my heart and brought tears to my eyes. :) kathy

a lovely poem lourdes
and so well crafted well done rgds mike

Zoya Zaidi
What a lovely imagery.
The poem just paints beautiful word pictures in mind.
Very poetic indeed.
And there is a soft lilting quality about it which very touching.

***Thanks laurdes dear for sharing this lovely poem.****
Love, xxx, Zoya


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