The night the lights went out

~ Before the lights went out ~

Beethoven's Fur Elise was playing
on the gramophone.

Through a pall of smoke, music notes
were spreading the light over the room.

~ The lights went out ~

Curtains moved rhythmically
to the gentle breeze .

Fairies danced around the whirlwind.

The flickering candle light
heralded the ghost whisper.

Scary shadows flickered on the walls;

Once more the shadows embraced me
and the ghosts of my past haunted me.

Startled I stared into the flickering flame
with a meditative empty look.

The flame reflected in my eyes
the hope that still flickers within me.

With the power of my inner strength
I envisioned a circle of light around me.

I screamed and floated,
expanding the circle of light.

~ The lights turned back on ~

The record rotated on the gramophone
and started playing
Beethoven's Fur Elise once again.

I closed my eyes and slept. ...

Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 1142 times
Written on 2006-09-03 at 16:10

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nice light images coupled with the music images

munir mezyed
Before the lights went out

do u know that i have a poem called
when the light went out
what a coincidence

my best regards
munir mezyed

loved this write!!
hugs to you:)

keith nunes
spooky. well written. i love beethoven

"The flickering candle light
heralded the ghost whisper"

Candlelight does that to me too...

Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Sorry, "Für Elise" was Beethoven. Mozart didn't write everything, you know.

Michael G
very nice.. i like the contrast between light and dark.. also i liked the relation between the flame and hope

Audrey Barber
I hope the lights will never go out again for you. So will not see scary shadowd on you walls. Let their be light and let in shine on. Good piece my dear, good piece very stimulating.
Love - Audrey


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