an excerpt from my encounter with a so-called "mad-woman" in Tucson, hiking the dusty roads of Arizona . She introduced herself as Rose the so-called mad woman . I shall carry her with me. Rose .

they called me the river of silence , but I was ruby red as a wild rose

is madness the profound happiness
expanding the cognizant intelligence ?

are the words of the great secret only the nubian light of a fable?
in exploriatum

is my tale only given the credit of my second great being?

and is the only sound daughter of my mother , born without the sunlight making the pattern of the fools age and the multicolored grass?

they call me the river of silence , not arousing the smallest murmur from its bed

motionless I lay in my contempt

channeling into the bed of pebbles on the bottom

beneath the sprinkled yellow buttercup

smoother than any vivid brilliance was my muteness

sovereign was my ruling
of every word
they juiced out of my starshaped lips

tamed only by the ruby red glowingbirds haunting the villains poking my crimson voice with their thorny sticks

never did they find a heart

only terror by the banks of my entombed scream



Poetry by Lourdes
Read 733 times
Written on 2006-10-29 at 02:10

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it's great done
i thank you
Very creative
happy new year.

Amanda K
you did dig deep i guess, to read the thoughts of that mad. well-penned,dear.

English War Veteran aged 98
Ok Lourdes love, I will see you at the synchronised swimming club next week same time- I will wear my lucky Y-fronts - and you wear your U-fronts!
I will have to sit out the fast ones as my wheel chair snags on the bottom of the pool and coming up for air in the deep end bit is becoming a bit of a bind.

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
wow I am still hiking through this brilliant text. The dust in Arizona is now the color of rainbows because you walked there. You have a magic gift daughters and you use it so very well. mother

oh shit .. I forgot ! and no, your lucky Y-fronts and everything ! Sorry Elwin.
I will make it up to you . Synchronizedfigureswimming practice next week then ? (and I will wear the silver u-front I know you adore old fart )

English War Veteran aged 98

But what the hell were you doing in Arizona? - I thought we were going down to play bingo down at the OAP club!

I had my wheel chair ready and my lucky Y-fronts on all ready for a swinging time !!!

powerful and full of images a skillfull write rgds mike

Thomas Selnes
Awestruck, once again. Your skill is singular.


daughters of cinder_daughters of powder
by Lourdes