I am still working with it boys and girls :) I would really appreciate it if you could help me with the tango steps. . .I tried but I know that the words are not 100% accurate. Enjoy :)

Tango of passion(the hidden knife)

~¤~Like a Spanish Guitar~¤~ 


He played the chords of her soul

as he gently but firmly

 touched her tensed arms

and held them higher

and she connected with him and danced 

~¤~The tango of passion~¤~

He gently placed his hand around her waist

~¤~ close embrace ~¤~

and whispered to her :

- You are mine forever. . .

~¤~ hooking her leg around his body~¤~

- I was born free and I will die free, she said

He opened his embrace and pushed her away

as he kept holding her hand and made her twirl like a bird

- My love, he whispered

as he took her in his arms and bend her

 her down until her head reached the floor

- You will never leave me. . .I know, he said

and pulled her back up

as their lips met in a passionate kiss

she sighed from pleasure. . .

- You love me. . .he whispered

She pushed him and crossed her left foot over her right

and said to him:

- I would give everything for a moment

of absolute freedom. . .

But nothing if I become the slave of love. . .

He took her back in his arms and brought her out of balance

and as she leaned towards his arm

 he kissed her tenderly and whispered:

- You belong to me. . .

- Never she said and tried to push him away. .

He held her tight;she couldn't move

but she could see the hidden knife in his pocket

- You are mine

- Never!

the knife

Penetrated her heart. . .

the twist of the knife became her salvation

and he kissed her the moment that she took her last breath

~¤~From his tears;she emerged like a dove~¤~

~¤~ and flew away~¤~

- Love is a bird. . .

Short story by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 880 times
Written on 2007-03-02 at 21:29

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Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
wow!!!! Carmen i felt each move. It was a tango of passion. I have never danced a tango but I have seen it done. In the movie, Scent of a Woman, Al Pacino was dancing with a young woman and that's what I saw in my mind as I read this. This is a seductive, captivating text that held me very close through the whole dance and then powerfully injected its potion into my heart as the knife plunged into her heart setting her to freedom as she flew away like a bird. bookmarked as a favorite.

well written :)

well written :)

The hardest thing for passion and love is letting yourself go to it, and that's what hurts all in the pursuit of happiness amongst ourselves and each other. To this passionate kiss, I am completely moved!!!

Colin Skilton
a lovely poem with a beautiful but savage twist in the tail.
What a rythmic piece capturing the essence of the dance as the couple twirl across the floor, one minute in love the next pushed away until finally he takes her life away.
I like this very much. I would not worry about the steps, they flow nicely.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
Oh, this is so intriguing. It is enchanting and shocking and breathtaking. If you watch a video of Don Juan DeMarco, after the end of the movie there an extended scene. While the song "Did Ever Really Love A Woman" plays, a man and woman are dancing the tango. It is very sensual. This poem is like that. Its something to be read over and over. It leaves you breathless each time.


by night soul woman