As always nice and slow... :-)

Inspired by the Film "Amor Inmortal"

As the tear drops...

The richness of indigo ink
disguises the tragedy of the word
meaningless with out your touch
the shyness of the pen
retreats into the mocking hour
torn petals fall softly
quietly unobserved
confetti dreams burn
anxiously in the fire
kaleidoscope memories hint
at the danger of sliding too fast
down the helter skelter future
that twists and conspires.

Rik - 11/04/2007

Poetry by Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-04-11 at 15:57

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Pamela A Lamppa
Ahhhh. Slow read is truly best with this magical piece. I spiraled into place like clockwork. Well done. A truly enjoyable verse. ~Pamela

loved the beauty of every word and the meaning I found in them ...

best wishes

I agree, slowly is the only way to travel on the love train. Great work again. Must watch the film too. tear drops have no barriers where love is concerned. Nice title, Tai

betsy Firefly
many good turnings of the phrase here, Rik!

...beautiful, simply beautiful. a heart stopping work of art, i held my breath reading it...
2007-04-12 Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
oh... that movie... was so moving... you capture that scene so very well in this text... the anguish of the heart... the end of the line and unrequited love because of misunderstanding of circumstances... a painful scenario but clearly written from a poet's compassionate eye and heart's understanding... very beautiful... *hugs* xx

Kathy Lockhart
i floated upon each petal until I tumbles down the slide of tomorrows. Eloquently written

This is an amazing poem, full of depth and meaning. I love your use of imagery, and the poem flows so well. I loved it! :-)

Truly moving!!


by Rik