The age of dragons passed by so fast(part 1)

Once upon a time they flew peacefully
through the skies of Taru

Dazzling Samu send them to Sanikstan
to guard the golden child

On their way to the Golden mountain of
Savious - Menti they had to fly through
the red sea where the white dragon(Venous)
fought the serpent.

The bloodbath turned the red sea to black
and Venous blood drops transformed
into stars

Sanou the purple dragon healed the white
dragon Venous and took him into the center
of Gaia where a winged lady filled them with
her love and strength and send them to the
guardian of the golden mountain Savious.

They went into the golden spiral and at the
exit they became angels and then took the
golden child in their arms and flew back to the black
sea with the stars(white dragons blood drops).

The child kissed a star and with the speed of
light Amore appeared, he smiled gently and
gave the child a pink rose when the child
touched the rose a butterfly appeared and
landed on the hand of the child.

The end of the dragons era became the
beginning of the Golden synagogue but the
butterfly still flies through the skies of Taru,
where time has no meaning because
everything is as it supposed to be...


Short story by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2010-04-13 at 11:09

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good poem


Illusive or reality?
by night soul woman