The preacher's son and the birds of fire. Part three

The preacher's son, found and captured
one of the birds of Fire. Those ones are
invisible to the naked eye. He thought that
the bird of fire would lead him to paradise. . .

Still a child of course but when he saw the birds
spreading their wings flying in circles mesmerized
he allowed himself and fell through the rings of fire,
the rings of time and landed in hell's eye.

Crying in despair he fell down on his knees and yelled:
- Why God? Why? Where is the promised land that you once
upon a time talked about? Was it all a lie? . . . and he
mortified kept his breath as he felt how the mark of Cain
burned his right shoulder. He could also smell the smell of
his burning flesh and in his heart he could feel a black star
burning in the middle.

As the days of his life slowly passed by, he wandered
through the darkness and dwelled upon his sorrow;until
the day he heard a voice coming from the top of his head;
instantly he fell down paralyzed from his fear but still
kept the bird in his hands.

 - My child. . .  Don't you understand? Before you allowed your
mesmerized self to fall through the rings of fire you already were
one of the builders of heaven. Couldn't you hear my plea? Touch your
shoulders, what do you feel?

The preacher's son touched his shoulders and felt his wings,
his broken wings

 - Come back my child. . . Give me your hand. . .

The preacher's son opened his hands and with no doubt allowed the bird of fire to fly, fly free, gave his hand and flied

                       ^i^ The angels flight ^i^

Short story by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2010-04-13 at 19:12

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This tale goes so deeply into me.... Thank You for sharing your work.


Illusive or reality?
by night soul woman