Raw Soul

I crave
your raw thoughts and feelings
spilled across a paper or the keyboard of a computer

I long for
your unprocessed words and hopes and dreams and tears
that you never dared share with anyone else
out of fear that they might misunderstand them

Give me something you never could give anyone else
Give me everything
the deepest and rawest parts of you
give me your words
before they gain structure
give me your thoughts
while they are being constructed

Give me your raw data
so I can process them

Test me

let me know if I can see you
let me know if I can know you
Give me your raw and naked soul

Do this
and let me do it to you

Or walk away and don't torture me anymore
with this half-love
this half-want

Poetry by SecretWords The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 567 times
Written on 2011-03-09 at 21:19

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John Ashleigh The PoetBay support member heart!
Yet again - you tug at my heart strings. Talented words, tainted with purity and innocence, yet mature and wise. Brilliant.


Language: 4
Format: 5
Overall: 5
Mood: 5


by SecretWords