We continue to the next painting by Hartmann, as described by Mussorgsky in his 'Pictures at an Exhibition' suite.
Ms Bird has written a note, 'to help to set the scene' :>)

The Market at Limoges (The Great News)

Note by Ms E. Bird

Unfortunately, Hartmann's painting was lost or destroyed, but a note from the exhibition remains: 'Frenchwomen furiously disputing in the marketplace.'

From our other sources, it is unclear whether these women were buyers or sellers. We choose to present them as sellers, as the combination of selling and gossiping makes, we feel, for a particularly frenetic exchange, in keeping with the movement of the musical piece.

The cow of Monsieur Pimpant appears in notes made by Mussorgsky himself, crossed out yet still of reference, we believe, as they may well provide some insight into the composer's process. But the conversation following mention of the cow is the invention of BirdBrains, as is the conclusion. Please forgive our language, which is a tad fruity in parts.

We refer to Limoges Cathedral by way of homage to Hartmann's interest in the building; almost 75 watercolours of the Cathedral were included in the exhibition.

* * *

'Now, have you heard the great news, Esmée?' 'No, what is it, Lotte?
Fresh strawberries, fresh strawberries!' 'That farmer's found his cow!'
'Which farmer, Lotte?' 'Monsieur Pimpant. Sweet sage, fresh picked or pot!'
'That is good news— All red and ripe! —now he can drive his plough.'
'No no, that's oxen, Esmée!' 'What?' 'Fresh tarragon, the best!
It's oxen drive the plough, you fool!' 'Come buy! I'm not a fool!'
'I heard the cow's still lost— Fine cheeses! —last seen heading west.'
'Oh, did you, Margot?' 'Camembert!' 'Who said? 'All wrapped in tulle!'
'Ripe raspberries!' 'Well, that was Tilde, she knows old Pimpant well.'
'Yes, very well, or so they say! Come, get your spices here!'
'Fine fresh baguettes! I heard that, Lotte!' [Limoges cathedral bell]
'Well, I'm just saying what they said!' 'Don't buy her spice; too dear!
Delicious tarts!' 'Ha, you're the tart!' 'Now ladies, let's not fight!
Green apples, juicy apricots!' 'She started it, the bitch!'
'Please, Lotte and Tilde, the customers! Fresh brie, come, try a bite!'
'That's what she said to old Pimpant!' 'I never, Lotte, you witch!'
'Don't brandish your brioche at me! Don't buy her bread; it's stale!'
'Her spice is dust!' 'No no, don't hit each other, we'll lose trade!
Please, strawberries!' 'No, stop it!' 'Oy, you're treading on my kale!'
'Watch out, my cheeses! ... Arrrgh, they were so carefully displayed!'
'Oh no, poor Margot... Lotte, Tilde, mind my punnets! … Right, that's it!'
'Ouch! That's my eye! Those melons are immense!' '... so Pimpant said!'
'No, Margot, not the mimolette... my lip! Oh no, it's split!'
'That serves you right!' 'Here come the boules!' 'You slapper, that's my head!'
'A slapper, eh? You want a slap? I'll slap you... with this knife!'
'No no Tilde, that's too far now, let it drop, here, eat this peach!'
'And you too, Lotte, let's back to business, please, let's end this strife.'
'I'm sorry, Tilde.' 'I'm sorry, Lotte.' 'Good!' 'Hey, what was that screech?'
'It wasn't me.' 'I know... look, running, running, all away!'
'Yes, running all across the square; what is the great to-do?'
'Good grief! It's Monsieur Pimpant's cow, turns out she's still a stray!'
'Run!' 'Into the Cathedral!' 'Help us, Lord!' 'Please help us!' 'MOO.'

Poetry by Coo & Co The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2015-08-10 at 00:53

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Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
I would love to hear this read to the music. The characters you created are wonderful indeed :)

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Absolutely wonderful.

I've run out of superlatives. The sense of humor here is delightful, not the kind that gives you a quick laugh but a smile that comes on as you read it and last long after.

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
this is priceless : ) i want the movie rights.


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