These days

Finding a way up the mountain,

lost in the wilderness
of the high planes of the Himalayas

looking for the soul that was on its way to find a body
down there
in the world

I could have been a sheep

or a mouse that the house cat was following
but I turned out to be
a cheetah;
the loner

fast to grab, a slender one

but perhaps more of a rabbit

or just human
with many things to know
but no knowledge to teach

maybe a son that was never there to be;
a bastard
to parents loving the schoolboy
always getting bad grades

The ice melting in the south

and I am going in the same direction;

south of no north

Poetry by Ivan R
Read 448 times
Written on 2016-03-17 at 02:04

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I agree with Ashe, this eye looking inwards approach to writing is very refreshing.

Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
I enjoyed this poem where it is obscure, witty, clever, original, and profound in a Bukaskieske sort of way. A little self indulgent at the end but very good.