It's effects stay for a lifetime.


She was a quiet little girl,
Trying to act grown up,
In this ugly world,
Too shy to speak or make friends,
So they called it attitude,
And hurt her emotionally in the end.

She tried desperately to lose,
The accent she had picked up,
Due to no fault of her own,
They called her fake,
They made fun of her name,
Why when she had never once,
Uttered a word to them.

She was no victim she knew that,
Refused to bear the brunt of that,
She called herself a survivor,
That little thing,
When she got depressed,
She would sing.

On top of her lungs,
In tune or not,
It helped blocking,
The voices mocking her,
Inside out,
But it could only do so much,
When it came to a point,
When she would question her existence.

She could hear them laugh,
Make fun of the way she looked,
She felt ugly,
They eventually got their way,
Of making her feel like she should disappear.

All she wanted was to disappear,
And she would do so in a heartbeat if she could.

Years later she built her confidence up,
She convinced herself that she could be loved,
But when she would lay down at night,
She could still hear them laugh,
And the fighter in her would momentarily colapse.

You never know how much something you say,
Can affect someone,
And those words would ring in their ears,
Throughout their life,
Just hope that you'd be proud of yourself,
When one day a life is lost because of your words,
The words you used to make fun of her,
And make yourself feel better,
I hope you feel better.

As for her,
The fighter in her may fall down,
But she'll get back up,
She won't let you win.

Poetry by Kshiti Dubey
Read 434 times
Written on 2016-03-24 at 21:52

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
Beautifully sad and victorious. In this painful way the weak can be made strong. But they can also be destroyed.

This reminds me of Ishle Yi Park's "Love Poem To Myself".



Wii said. I think she is already a winner and it's the losers who need to put someone else down in order to bolster themselves.