It is not often that the illustrious souls of Coo & Co take time out of office these days, but we enjoyed a recent visit to the local park; and afterwards, Sage Coo was inspired to pen a few verses for her Nature Notebook :>)

Coots & Co

The date is Friday 6th of May;
it is the quieter time of day
within the park, past 5 o'clock,
the rowboats resting by the dock.

We take the path round Lower Lake,
espying, first, a dozing drake,
his head tucked backwards, eyes shut tight,
wounds closing with the season's rite.

And then we cross the bridge of steel,
'tis sturdy under foot and wheel,
with silent sculptures on its flanks
swan, squirrel, tree, in ordered ranks.

A real park tree stands farther on,
and through its shade, proud George the swan
comes sailing, silent, dappling leaves,
horse chestnut shaped, from gnarly eaves.

Squire Squirrel scampers over grass,
his grey fur shining, as we pass
the fishing platforms in between
the willows, trailing palely green.

Then 'mee!' a sudden tiny call,
which must belong to something small
a second 'mee!' a baby bird,
and then 'mee! mee!' a final third.

A family of smiling coots,
most elegant in smart black suits
and bright white beaks, at feeding time,
in waters full of healthy slime.

'Mee!' chicks demand and parents dive,
grab beetles 'mee! mee!' four or five,
to feed their children by the pier,
the first brood we have seen this year.

Poetry by Coo & Co The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2016-05-09 at 00:54

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Ivan R
A likeness to Monets park of water lilies, this is a painting with words, beautiful and strange, a world expressed from the eye of the writer that is a joy to the eye of the reader of this great piece

I am transported to your park, I particularly like your dozing drake and healthy slime!

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
This is delightful. I'm still laughing about "healthy slime."

A nice description of a wonderful time.

Pictures with words.