Based - on real father - dad. Who came back in a coffin.Who died knowing the why-fores. He went to war in Afghanistan. Knowing he know what maters.


So why did - Gary Thompson- a man - father - married dad father of five daughters
To old - you'd say to go off to war - Gary, could of got out of going to Afganistan
Rightly saying '' I've a family!'' '' And besides I'm fifty one! ''
He were a managing director - so had all the reasons to stay put!

It were not the same has - Tony Blair's! Gary, had no time fore Blair! - or Bush!

He doted on - love them to bits - as did they loved
Their old man- their - dad - to bits!
Got a letter - calling him up - he was a member of the TA*
Gary - were a Senior Aircraftmen - in the reserve
He were needed by the R A F regiment - in Afghanistan - asked if he had
Reasons not to go - off to Afghanistan - he felt he had none
Local media heard he was going - to Afghanistan - soon his
His story went - national

They interviewed him - he was news worthy - after all
When they asked why he had decided to go to Afghanistan
Gary smiled - '' yes I have five daughters - I love them - they love me ''
'' Cheeky - dress - in ways they choose - be - educated - listen to music - cant say
I like what they do like! '' - '' the young and their music! '' he said - while smiling - Broadly
'' They are free do as they choose - too - live as they do! '' - smiling all the more
''I'm going to Afghanistan - to defend other girls like mine - RIGHT - to be free! ''
''To enjoy life as my five do - and should! '' - said with a look of a determined - father - dad

'' I wont woman in Afghanistan to be given the same opportunity's my fivedaughters have '' ; '' I can come back and say I played my part ''

His daughters - were proud of their dad - loved even more - their dads death had a Reason - they understood - full well
Sadly he was killed dieing fore girls and woman's rights - fathers daughters - would be free - as is their - human rights!
Enjoy life as his five daughters and his wife - freely - did!

He know - what the war was fore - he had five good reasons - to go to war fore
To go off to war in Afghanistan - Gary - believed - the war - his death - was worth While - and so did and his daughters and his partner - and - DO!

Gary - killed by a roadside bomb

Thats why Gary - went off to war!

*T A - Territorial Army - the reserve armed forces

ken d williams

The Dyslexic Wordsmith

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2016-05-15 at 12:17

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