oh boy, started, stopped, forgotten, found, finished. it is what it is.

backdrop: 2 babies 20months apart/me/no car/diapers/etcetera... ; )

Pink Flamingos

Following the vision in her head

she sees tumbling around--often enough to make her crazy--

She stumbles over reality

falls through the hole in her heart

and finds herself flying with a flock of flamingos

over South Florida, near Miami Shores. 


All hell broke loose when she remembered she

forgot to begin the end of her life lessons in, The Exceptional Acceptions.


This caused her to climb curiously atop a storm cloud

sending the flock of flying flamingos into a tailspin, pirouetting pink,

as they had been dining on shrimp in the Ft Lauderdale Harbor, previously.


Feathers floating; sticking, pricking, cottonny clouds pregnant with water

and she sitting, stupified, atop it.


Bursting diluge, lightening, blazzing, zigzagging


Had she had a brain she would have fried it.

Instead, she found herself riding it!


That bolt took her to Everlasting.

Man! Hot streak Momma! Her hair was on FIRE!!


The smoke awoke something inside her-

Those senses, a spark, sizzling desire.

Listen to the singing of that choir! Thank God!

She knew full well, she wasn't in Hell!


Pink Flamingos all a twitter, flitter with glitter

while Angel wings now glimmer sparkling shimmer

Halos a bit off kilter, still offer a stunning site to see, you see

For it is I, it's me, the She of the her in, "in her head."

Only now I am dead. But, as I am reborn, it's a brand new morn.


Upon revision, I'll take such a vision, pink, with a wink.

No matter what else you may think, I know one thing for sure

Ft. Lauderdale, flamingos, and Miami Shores are all in South Florida.


Never say, I didn't warn ya!

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 364 times
Written on 2016-09-14 at 19:06

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Nice one. You get a little haywire with the internal rhymes at the end though. Economy is always a good idea when it comes to verse. just my opinion though

Phyllis J. Rhodes
This is how to tell a serious and dramatic story comically. You get absolutely everything out of it with the rhythm and rhyme and scenery and emotion and whimsy and entertainment and story. Yes, I see the story. It ends in glory. Few may get it but it twas you who writ it and you know the scene behind the scene and what the outrageous lines mean. A bit of Shakespeare here mixed with The Dude trying not to be rude, just wanting his rug, the one he dug; that magic carpet had been the one back when he just dropped in to see what condition his condition was in.
This deserves a PRIZE YOU EDITORIAL GUYS (and gals)

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
i'm tempted to say, "whatever you're smokin', i want some of it." but i won't.

this is trippy, and south florida deserves trippy, and no one has written so well of it since wallace stevens.

my wisecracking is meant as a compliment. this is free-form, free-floating poetry at its best. south florida is pink and turquoise and art deco, like nowhere else. thank you for this view from storm cloud tops—or is it from your dream?

David W. Glavin
I freakin love it! ! ! ! !

Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
This is a treat to all the senses including allowing the imagination to fly free with the flamingos. A very visual and tactile poem. Enjoyed every word, and smiled a lot.