My article of loss was published in my local newspaper.

A Lost Soul Who Died from Drugs

Our family was expecting the worst: losing a family member due to a drug overdose. Even though we knew this scary occurrence was possible, nothing could prepare us for the heartache that happened after Anthony’s death.

Watching a loved one who went from having almost everything to having almost nothing was very painful. Anthony was addicted to pills, such as painkillers. Are drugs so addicting to the point of losing everything special? I’m sure everyone would say no, but my brother thought differently.

Anthony had the intelligence to become a doctor. He earned popularity with males and females. He had handsome features that attracted many girls. He was an extremely funny person who offered laughter to many lives. Anthony had the physical and mental features that almost every American would crave; unfortunately, he went from having a blissful life to living a life of horror when he was in college.

We don’t know exactly what year his addiction started. It was a problem that grew slowly, but rapidly became worst once the disease was recognized. Stealing money and valuables evolved into a regular habit. His agitation lead to many verbal and physical disputes. Anthony’s mind became obsessed with drugs so bad, I once heard him say that “drugs are the only thing that makes me happy.” His misery not only affected his life, but affected everyone who loved and cared for him.

Anthony died on January 11, 2014. That was the worst day of our family’s life. Sadness and many tears were shed that day, and the crying will always continue until the day of eternal rest. You are probably wondering how a mother and father survive the death of a son, and how siblings can live on with this horrible pain. We continue to exist because survival is the only option.

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Written on 2016-08-16 at 14:36

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Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
If this is a true story of your brother, I am so sorry for your loss.
I know this kind of untimely and so unnecessary loss is impossible to understand and come to terms with. The addiction to medicinal drugs is one that can start accidentally after an accident or a painful operation or it can be a street drug. Such a waste of a life. I am so sorry. This is heart wrenching.