I am your poem
My song
I am your fire
My tender lover
I am your leaf
My taproot
I am what you exhale
My inhaled breath
I am the word you write
In long hand
My signature
I am your scotch
My rock
I am the key you type
My tuner
I am your tatoo
My knight in white shirt
I am your precious one
My treasure
I am your stride
My Walker
I am span of your arms
My teddy
I am the roundness of your script
My calligrapher
I am the Rain
My cloud
I am your wish
My Desire
I am what rises in you
My shore
I am what resides in your pupil
My Sun
I am what you see
When you close your eyes
My soothsayer

Poetry by Deeps
Read 411 times
Written on 2016-08-23 at 17:00

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Again, this reply is from me, not Ivan. He used my computer today and didn't sign off, and I didn't notice. This is really me!

Ivan R
This is so beautiful. A complete poem from beginning to end.
Enjoyed very much reading this.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
I gained new insight into what makes a poet and what is poetry. This is lovely. The flow beautifully demonstrates the words written.

Sarah Parnes
Mesmerizing dword choice and eloquent structure. Truthfully, I envy this passage. Well done