A free verse poem of guilt trying to buy rectification.

A Misfortune that Money Canít Fix

Grieving due to the departure by a loved one,
Deprived of a predestined tale that wonít be told.

Death from a negligent loss weeps sorrow,
The guilty tries to buy retribution by acquittal.

Justice must prevail towards virtuous credibility,
Not because of selfishness that craves rectification.

Mourners will not exempt the sinners of liability,
Rooted by the damage which caused heartache.

Repentance by the offender fills fake meaning,
As artificial apology leads to a deceitful route.

Contributing restitution by cash is a wicked insult,
Weepers feel betrayed from funds of devious plots.

A wrongdoer aims to write their own epilogue,
Seeking to finish the manuscript on a sinless note.

Literature of the deceased closes by an awful end,
Leading to a publication that exposes devastation.

The culprit distributes the books by their paycheck,
Spreading the word that is based on false commitment.

When the biography from living to departed life closes,
The story will not endorse sales from despicable vows.

In order to restructure a wrong into rightfulness,
Regretfulness requires compassion by moral respect.

Poetry by Survivor48
Read 342 times
Written on 2016-08-28 at 19:22

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