Two short, jointed, yet disjointed pieces
A bit like a button toy.

Coffee First


A while ago,
I ventured into that new age curve -
The one where a whole new vocabulary
Seems to have been invented
The one where two people have a dialogue
Instead of talking
Where forgiveness is the epicentre to quell the storm
Where counsellors do, what friends did for free.
But, its not me
I'm from the land of Deal With It
Get on With It
Quit Moaning
Shit happens
Counsellors, no disrespect
But come on
Not me
I'll take the mountains
For they hear my confessions
They level the spikes
They coat the day afresh


2...Coffee First

As usual,
Yours truly
Had raced in with all guns firing
With smoking pistols
With disarray clinging onto my skirts
And committed the modern day crime
Of giving, unconditionally
Of trusting
Of letting go
Kicking back so far
Until the breeze smelled sweet

Until I felt secure and dared to asked something in return
And once more felt the tendrils of doubt
I saw myself
That rabbit in the headlights
Pure white fur
Frozen in the scant reality
Caught out by my own stupid faith in others
Asking again if I could forgive
Someone I called a friend
Now here I was
Considering those new world phrases
And old ones like Stupid, stupid, stupid!

So,instead, I've become the thing I said I'd not
I am walled off
I am in protect mode
I am reservedly cross
With myself only

For there is no surety anymore
The sun does not seem to follow the moon
Birds would prefer I guess, to chirp in the afternoon
And I would rather have eaten pudding before main,
Or perhaps have started with coffee
Least that ways, I'll have my eyes, wide open,
And eager to fight off bad juju
I guess
When it comes galumphing back again

Poetry by LFD3
Read 187 times
Written on 2016-08-30 at 13:43

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