A free verse poem of seeing the world from blurry vision.

The Negativity Cycle

The negativity cycle spins in the mind,
Spreading to all the senses of feelings.

Browsing the world with blurry vision,
Seeing ugliness when there is beauty.

Every time you look at a stunning painting,
Colors have different symbols of meaning.

You see blood as the color representing hate,
Instead of a delicious apple that you want to eat.

Yellow stands for fire that burns life’s treasures,
Rather than the bright sun that offers hope to all lives.

Positivity can break the course of this thinking,
By optimism, the painting can be seen as amazing.

When the painting is viewed from enthusiasm,
The color black can symbolize a good night’s rest,
Not the typical darkness associated with fright.

Poetry by Survivor48
Read 321 times
Written on 2016-09-14 at 18:27

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Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
our thinking influences our emotions. Our emotions weighs on our thinking. Your poem is a positive way of seeing things in life. Many will be able to read this and hopefully be able to change their views. Some sadly, will not. Some depression is much deeper. However, poetry is a wonderful place of expression no matter where the mind has taken you. Art is a gift. Poetry is an Art. Expression is beautiful.