Inspired by the book, These Fair Days by James Meyer.


Biscuits and Gravy

Thank you for all the beautiful, marvelous stories of life in rural OK. I hope you don't mind I referenced your book. It's too good not to be shared around the world!! One Trick Pony this serving of Biscuits and Gravy is for you. 



Certain things go together

And whether you like it or not,

White milk gravy goes with biscuits.


Momma made the best of both

And don't even try tellin me

That your's did or your pa did.


Cause it's goin be a bold face lie

As sure as the notion of cornbread

Not bein made with buttermilk, and needin sugar!


When I was ridin bikes and barefoot,

I could eat 5 or 6 biscuits with gravy,

On a Saturday mornin, after watchin Clutch Cargo.


That's just how things were back then;

Eatin breakfast was for taste and fuelin,

Addin eggs and sausage to the mix was the fire.


Then I'd leave that table with hair uncombed,

Slammin the screendoor behind me,

Be gone all day until the street lights came on.


Durin those hours, action was the verb of choice.

Bicycles had no fenders, gears, or streamers;

They had two wheels, handle bars, and chains.


Mostly they had brakes too; sometimes they didn't.

Like the time, on Charlie Bond's bike, I road into Hell.

Maybe not real Hell, but the top of it oozed damnation.


Comin back from Zurschmeide's grocery,

Ridin nit-picky Charlies's black streamlined 10 Speed,

And bein ignorant of fancy handbrake ingenuity,


Left me vulnerable for about any disaster.

One was fast approaching as I daydreamed,

Coastin along drinkin my Coca-Cola, freestyle.


With my head tilted back, on my last swig,

I got a glimpse of my ultimate doomed destination.

I was headin, at an angle, leadin to sewer--open sewer!


I have no idea where that bottle is, to this day.

But my hands were back on the handlebars,

And my feet were back pedalin as hard as I could!


Backpedalin is Not what I had in mind,

Nor was it an idea of which I was aware!

There were no breaks on this fancy-pants bike!!


It's just a bonafide freak of nature--hand breaks!

Tryin to explain this to Momma was not as difficult

As pulling Charlie's bike out of that rotten sewer.


And Charlie, he's not the kind who takes filth lightly.

Soon "High Noon" would play out on McDonald Avenue;

I, with a soiled 10 Speed, and Charlie, with his wrath!


Tears were shed that day, plenty of 'em.

Mostly Charlie's. And I got real wet scrubbin

Myself and that 10 Speed Devil with bleach and hose water.


All this convoluted disturbance ,for a nickel coke

and a few peanuts, to drop down inside the bottle.

I just don't see the effort in eatin beyond biscuits and gravy!



Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 268 times
Written on 2016-09-29 at 02:41

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David W. Glavin
I love how you write... The many sides of Kathy :-)


Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
What a beautiful tribute to this wonderful book, which I have also read many tmes over. So glad you wrote this. You expressed so many of the feelings this book brings out and which I found so hard to put into words. *

Rob Graber
A fun tribute to These Fair Days, and a good story well told in its own right! As for Jim's engaging coming-of-age story: I hope someone buys the movie rights!

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
ha! you can spin a yarn and no mistake!
colt likes nothin' more
than biscuits and white gravy.

regina says it's one of life's simple pleasures.

Beautiful. Mesmerized by it. :)

Very good indeed. Vivid, conversational, keeps the reader moving along and interested and eager to know what happens next! Thank you for such a joy of a poem!

Katarina Wikholm
Lovely use of light dialect and intriguing 3-line stanza format. And the story made me smile