A prose of surviving life.


How does each person survive the difficult hardships in their life? People survive because survival is the only option. If everybody is unable to resist their adversities in life, we die. Sometimes the pain that we endure can lead to thoughts about suicide, but most individuals find a way to conquer their tragedies because we realize that life is too precious to lose. This world is very complex, and human beings are not perfect, but people still demand perfection in an imperfect universe. There are many types of complications that a person can suffer from every day—which include diseases, poverty, persecution, and psychological disorders. I have suffered from many obstacles in my life, but I am still surviving because I cherish my existence, and an individual can survive almost any circumstance if they desire the gift of life.

Essay by Survivor48
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Written on 2016-11-03 at 10:38

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There is the will to survive, but once in a while we all need a little help from a friend or a compassionate government in the way of health care or a helping hand through a difficult time. We are not an island by ourselves. Let's be a kinder country, especially with our veterans and those in need.