I know your heart must ache with longing often

And your voice locks up to silence when Im near

I have a heavy jar full of these clues now

They stagnate in the pause of selfish fear


Ideally I should love you madly, wholly

Enough to set you free to be complete

For I have lost all honour in your lanscape 

My melodies divine, are bittersweet


Instead I love you selfishly and meanly

Its her and him I stamp and beg and scream

I shout so loud it spoils a thing of beauty

Until your wings cant lift you to your dream


Poetry by LFD3
Read 146 times
Written on 2016-11-08 at 21:41

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I shout so loud it spoils a thing of beauty
this line
this fucking line

To love unselfishly is a challenge indeed, well reflected in the bird metaphor. I enjoy the image of the "heavy jar full of clues," and it adds nicely to the claustrophobic mood of the poem.