Happy thoughts

In a shiny mind file

Marked "Happy Thoughts"

Placed square and smart

On a front facing dust free shelf

with all its Mary Poppins done up buttons

That read- "favourite" 

                   - "few" 

                   - "things"


Are these...


Cradling your tiny frame


The gentle grip

Of the sun's birth cry 


Damp slates on the rooftops 

As summer washes out of the sky


The acute spike 

Of the first blackberry picked and tasted

After months of sickly ice cream


And the bleak indescribable feeling

After the oil of daily life

 swells and rises 

Gains ground 

Forcing me back

to the nurture of the mountains



To that imagined marsh

That swallows sad thoughts whole


Making room for a brand new file

With documents aching for data

Stamped on the front

In Times New Roman

Reads the category

Of winged creatures, pupae and ribbons

This file I have named Future


Poetry by LFD3
Read 132 times
Written on 2016-11-10 at 08:16

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I love it. The way you wrote favorite few things bravo