A free verse poem of fighting abnormal fears.

Conquering Phobias

Apprehension crawls under the skin,
Causing fright in the human mind.

The abnormal anxiety dominates our thinking,
Afraid to preform activities of enjoyment.

Leading to a life that can drive isolation,
Hiding under that protected quilt.

Phobias are tensions that can be addressed,
Fighting a war against nervousness.

Start by conquering the dread head on,
Battling the horror at its source.

The fear response will peak when sparring worries,
But in the end, you can beat the fearful reaction.

Poetry by Survivor48
Read 286 times
Written on 2016-11-12 at 18:06

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Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
Interesting. I do have a phobia against cute little tiny mice, but my mind scrambles when I see one, so small and so defenseless, and so senseless to fear. I have not been able to conquer it. I imagine being locked into a room with one might do the trick, but I am not willing to try it. :) Thank you for this poem.